They were women. Their only crime was wanting to choose their life.

Lyliane Jolly, Columnist

Tara Farez, young Iraqi model, shot on the street;

Patricia Lefranc, young woman acid attacked by her ex-partner;

Souad al-Ali, human rights activist, assassinated.

These women wanted to: live without a veil, away from an abusive partner, defend human rights, all the while being a businesswoman.

Violence is always generated by deeply unhappy and frustrated beings. When one is unhappy, muddled by prejudices, one can become fanatical, even extremist.

To think that our unhappiness stems from others then becomes unbearable, and it becomes easy to lash out at those who dare to display their freedom, those who dare to Be.

In these 3 cases, the violence has the same origin: the lack of love of oneself and inevitably the lack of love for others.

The perpetrators of these crimes granted themselves the right to be avengers in the name of their religion and of jealousy.

“By improving the individual’s happiness, we help lessen the potential for violence.” Rael, Intelligent design P259

Rael is not only the messenger of the Elohim who brings a revolutionary explanation of our origins, he is also an exceptional awakener of consciousness who relentlessly talks to us about love.

“Children need to have a beautiful teaching of peace and harmony and love, no fear of a crazy god who wants to make them burn in hell. … to teach that to children, should be considered as a crime.” Rael, Contact 373

It is important to learn from childhood on to live in harmony and to treat others with respect and kindness.

How to go from violence to non-violence?

By improving our level of consciousness;

By taking responsibility;

By learning to love oneself;

By developing one’s sense of politeness;

Even though all violence begins with a programming of fear and a lack of love, the violent being must realize that he is totally responsible for his actions, whether dictated by his fears, his frustrations, or following the order of a superior.

“To give love … we first have to know how to love ourselves, to be in love with ourselves, to understand ourselves, to know ourselves, to have compassion for ourselves. How can we give love to others if we don’t have it for ourselves. We can’t give what we don’t possess.” Rael, The Maitreya P18


“Elementary politeness is the very foundation of non-violence. In Japan the crime rate is so low, precisely because parents educate their children to be extremely polite and respectful, which forces young people to care for others.

Extreme politeness is the only way to reduce violence in our overcrowded societies.” Rael, Contact 356 (French)

We are given a wonderful way to help us establish peace within us and around us: it is meditation.

“If everyone on earth meditated one minute for peace and love,

then we could change the world.”

– Maitreya RAEL

Lyliane Jolly
Columnist for the Canadian Raelian Movement.