Honorable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada,

We first wish to congratulate you for being elected as Prime Minister of Canada because you have a great responsibility for positive changes in a most unstable world. Your first decisions give us hope that a better world is possible.

We also applaud your project to withdraw the Canadian Army from the Middle East, as well as your decision to cancel the order of F35 fighter aircrafts. Canadians are mainly a peaceful people aiming for World Peace. You can now become an example for the world, to influence other governments worldwide to gradually disarm all over the planet and to always promote non-violent solutions to conflicts between countries.

In addition, we support your project to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. We think all drugs should be legalized while at the same time educating people about the harmful effects related to their abuse. Increasing the freedom and responsibility of individuals is the way towards a better world for all, as in Paradism, a political and social system briefly presented further. If, from kindergarten, we begin to teach meditation techniques in order to develop inner happiness by releasing natural substances in our bodies, having positive effects only, the use of artificial drugs will gradually decrease for the better of all. Numerous scientific studies confirm more and more the benefits of meditation.

Paradism is a political and social system aiming to replace workers by robots and to distribute all goods fairly across the globe. We can reach Paradism using science for peaceful purposes and therefore free humans more and more from the obligation of working and eventually to even suppress money; by the use of machines, robots and computers, by developing nanotechnology, genetic engineering, robotics and other technologies; sharing all resources equitably in order to create a true leisure society. This world seemed to be a utopia a hundred years ago but it is now becoming a reality through the exponential growth of science, technology and artificial intelligence. All we need is the will to develop it and to put it in place with intelligence. Paradism is essential to the survival of Humanity.

If you would like more information on Paradism and on the concrete actions to be taken to get there gradually, we will be pleased to discuss with you or your advisors.


Peace and Love to the Men and Women of Good Will

André Julien


President of the Movement for Paradism in Canada




cc.  Joseph Kollar, President of the Raelian Movement of Canada.