Hello Ms. Mercier,

I am writing to you in response to your article in L’Actualité on September 10th, 2020, entitled “Should we talk about Lucie Laurier?”.

Right off the bat, Ms. Mercier, I can’t help but begin my letter by asking you if you don’t find it in bad faith to insinuate that giving a voice to citizens — families demonstrating in the streets with strollers and children — is comparable to giving a voice to extreme right-wing groups. I do not understand this contempt for people like you and me who ask for answers to their questions, instead of adopting the neutral position of a competent journalist and impartially informing the population about the doubts that animate them, and whom you rush to call conspiracy theorists.

Why do you and the media, Ms. Mercier, suppress the position of all these international researchers and scientists like Alexandra Hendrion-Claude, genetician, and Didier Raoult, a world authority in epidemiology, virology and fundamental research? Why are you disregarding the refusal of population lockdown adopted by countries like Sweden, which has a COVID death rate lower than that of Quebec and yet has a population greater than ours by more than two million people? Just like for the growing list of unanswered questions and dubious inconsistencies denounced by professionals from several countries since the start of this pseudo-pandemic, from the citizens’ part it is understood that governments have decided to persist in this spectacle, in spite of a death rate just barely equivalent to 0.02% of the Canadian population. Is this what a pandemic is? … light years away from the Spanish flu ? So why don’t you rather try to answer the question: WHY all this?

We are now forced to comply with wearing the mask, being threatened with hefty fines. Are we one step away from sinking into a police state? And meanwhile, in Sweden…!! All this is just a violation of the absolute freedom, that all citizens in the world have, to protect themselves or not. Common sense would have been for people who knew they were sick or frail to protect themselves, if they so wished, and for the healthy masses to not be subjected to muzzle, lockdown and over-disinfection; three great ways to weaken our immune system. “Governments that force us to stay home or face prosecution violate the fundamental right to free movement of people and ideas, guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Whatever the justifications — epidemics, wars, terrorism, etc. — absolutely nothing can justify this violation of our freedom.” Rael, March 30th, 2020.

As Howard Zinn said, “Our problem is not civil disobedience, our problem is civil obedience.” The majority of people obey. Civil obedience: these are good obedient citizens, believing in the validity of the official discourse on the wearing of masks, hammered home by the media. So much so that these good citizens will soon in good faith be denouncing their neighbors, as was done to the Jews during Nazism with the same media recipe. It is only a matter of time before the police are given free rein to enter our homes.

Conspiracy or not, this is the direction all this is taking, thanks, once more, to those precious collaborators of old: the media.

Is it the journalists we should be wary of, or naughty citizens who ask questions?

And meanwhile, in Sweden…!!

But maybe we should stop complaining! Imagine, Ms. Mercier, in France, at the opening of a high school in Burgundy, to enforce the wearing of the notorious mask, the students were greeted by three soldiers in uniform, and armed with machine guns my dear. It is said that the atmosphere there was ghastly, and one can easily believe it!! Just imagine!! In a South American country, citizens who did not respect the wearing of masks and the curfew were hung upside down in the public square. Welcome to the Middle Ages!!

“When we accept to lose a little freedom, we open the door to the loss of ALL freedoms” Rael.

And meanwhile, in Sweden…!!

Are we getting closer to the answer to the WHY, Ms. Mercier? You say of this protest movement that it is “as fascinating as it is frightening”. But since there is nothing diabolical about these citizens, what you find scary would it not be your fear that these contradictions be brought to the attention of the whole of society, which would in no time realize that you have, for no reason, manipulated and paralyzed them with fear? — and that you participated in this staging, which is increasingly proving itself to be a pretext for raising the level of general control over populations in the world? Could this be the real reason why you ask the question: “Should we talk about Lucie Laurier?”

Because asking the question of whether to grant someone the right to be heard is not journalism; it is a call for censorship and control of information. Be certain that when the population will have understood how much you lied to them, you will lose all credibility and with it your jobs. This is why you have a code of ethics, because you all bear a responsibility that you must assume as communicators in positions of influence.

All of this makes me scream YES to your question, Ms. Mercier. Yes, we have to talk about the courage and righteousness of Lucie Laurier, as well as about all the citizens who are not fooled by this fear campaign made possible only with the complicity of journalists who are fearful for their jobs and lack integrity. There is no more Émile Zola. Have we dreamt of Liberty so little, as to underestimate to such an extent its importance and its fragility?

“Freedom is more important than health”, “Freedom is NEVER negotiable”, “Better to die free than to live without freedom” Rael.

With these words full of wisdom, I greet you, Ms. Mercier, by sincerely wishing that you become an agent of awakening and accountability for society, and no longer a false guide who, without questioning, puts herself at the service of a propaganda.

And meanwhile, in Sweden…!!

Yours truly,


Martin Hétu,
Communications Manager for the Canadian Raelian Movement