Letter to filmmaker Jon Gress


Letter to filmmaker Jon Gress, author of the science fiction film “Anunnaki”, based on ancient Sumerian texts revealing the extraterrestrial origins of mankind.

Dear Mr. Gress

My name is Martin Hétu and I am writing to you on behalf of the International Raelian Movement following the reading of this article https://guyboulianne.com/2019/11/09/
anunnaki-le-film-interdit-qui-nest-jamais-venu-dans-les-cinemas-pourquoi/ regarding your film “Anunnaki”; article that questions the reasons why this film, alas, could not come to life. What you were planning to reveal in it is fascinating, Mr. Gress, since this film would have thrown a more than clarifying light on our origins. I understand very well the enthusiasm and conviction that have mobilized so much energy on your part in wanting to realize this cinematic dream that undoubtedly still drives you today. And this is what leads me to write to you, Mr. Gress, since the question of our human origins is the essence of the International Raelian Movement. This is why I am convinced that what you will read in this letter will be of great interest to you, because it confirms, in a way, what you were trying to communicate to the world through your film.

To sum up in a few words, the Raelian Movement aims to spread the extraordinary Message that was entrusted to a young French journalist during the no less extraordinary encounter, man to man, that he had with an extraterrestrial, on December 13, 1973. This Message, intended for all humanity, explains the scientific origins of life on earth and from which humanity originated.

The being he met belongs to the civilization that bears the name “Elohim”: a word found in the genesis of the Bible written in Hebrew and meaning “Those who came from the sky”, the singular being “Eloha”. The Elohim gave him the name Rael, which means “Messenger of the Elohim”. Rael, spiritual leader and founder of the Raelian Movement, is the last of the line of great prophets that the Elohim brought among us to guide humanity to the present scientific era where we can finally understand scientifically where we come from.

The Elohim were, among other names, called “Anunnaki” in ancient times, before being named “Elohim”; the gods mentioned in all religions. Your film, Mr. Gress, could certainly have led us collectively to become aware of the deep-rooted mysticism in which we still found ourselves, at the time your filming stopped, and which is still and always quite strong today, concerning our origins, according to cultures.

I therefore warmly invite you, Mr. Gress, to visit the site www.rael.org where you can download the book “Intelligent Design” for free. You will be able to see the many parallels between the writing of Mr. Zecharia Sitchin, on which your film is based, and the Message that was transmitted to Rael on December 13, 1973. On the other hand, the idea of making a film about Rael’s life and the Message that he has for a mission to make known to humanity remains something to be done.

In hoping that you and I will live long enough to witness the return of the Elohim, expected between 2030 and 2035, as revealed by the prophet Rael, I would like to thank you, Mr. Gress, for taking the time to read this letter. Should you wish to contact me with any questions, I would be pleased to answer your request.



Martin Hétu,
In charge of communications for the Raelian Movement