Letter to Hélène Boudreau

May 15, 2021

GoTopless Inc.
4012 S Rainbow Blvd Suite K-401
Las Vegas NV 89103

Dear Ms. Hélène Boudreau,

As the head of the “GoTopless” organization in Canada, I would like to warmly congratulate you for having the audacity to publish your UQAM graduation photo on your website with your breasts partially exposed.

Women’s breasts are not “pornographic” despite what UQAM says in its lawsuit against you. A man has the right to show his naked breasts in public without any problem, so why can’t a woman do the same? Double standards… Women should have the same rights as men and be free to choose what they want to do with their bodies!

The GoTopless organization, based in the United States since 2007, supports women’s rights and their equality in human, professional, and salary terms. This includes freedom of expression, as well as the use of their bodies as they please.

Unfortunately, even today, women are too often considered as sexual objects and are criticized as soon as they dare to show some bare parts of their bodies, under the false pretext of pornography or that it could shock some prudes!

That is enough! It is, among other things, thanks to actions such as yours that we are changing this world for a more egalitarian world for women. Moreover, your audacity has generated many positive reactions, such as the demonstration « À l’UQAM en bobettes » (At UQAM in panties!) to support your cause and to denounce sexism in this university. It is with actions like yours that we will be able to break the taboos surrounding, among others, breasts and their sexualisation.

Once again congratulations for your photo and also for the work you do via your website, namely to show the artistic side of the woman’s body.
I wish you the best of success in obtaining your Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Kind regards,

Denise Belisle
Responsible, Gotopless Canada