Mr. Passio,

My name is Martin Hétu, from the ProSwastika Alliance. I watched with great interest to one of your YouTube presentations entitled “De-Mystifying The Occult – Part 3 of 3” I was very pleasantly surprised to hear you express the wish to see the swastika rehabilitated one day, while explaining what this symbol of peace really represents in religions and traditions in general.

I am very happy that you speak about the swastika so rightly. The more people we educate about what the swastika really represents, the sooner its inappropriate use will cease, especially in Western countries, which puts at risk the cultural and religious communities that respect and revere it as a symbol of unity, well-being and love. The prevention, through education, of this potential drift is one of the purposes of the ProSwastika Alliance.

You may be interested to know that in the Raelian Movement philosophy, to which I belong, the swastika represents the cycle of matter and infinity in time. It is part of the “Symbol of Infinity” which is the emblem of the Elohim and of the Raelian Movement. In the Genesis of the Bible, written in Hebrew, we find the word “Elohim”, translated as “God” in the usual bibles. The Hebrew word “Elohim” means: “Those who came from the sky”.

Thanks to a perfect mastery of genetic engineering, these men, who came from another planet, created all life on Earth 25,000 years ago. Under different names, They have been worshiped by about forty prophets, sent by them, in different cultures and at different times of human history. This explains to a great extent the presence of the swastika on all five continents. I also cordially invite you to visit the site dedicated to the swastika’s incredible diversity of colors and shapes as found all around the world.

Furthermore, on, you can download for free the book Intelligent Design, written by the Last of the Prophets, Rael, the spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, following the extraordinary encounter he had with the Elohim in 1973.

As related in this book, the Elohim’s dearest wish is to officially reconnect in the near future with the humanity They have created and that They deeply love. They will return when a significant peace prevails on Earth. And in order for them to be recognized, the Elohim wish that before their arrival, a majority of human beings recognize the swastika as part of the “Symbol of Infinity” that will be clearly visible on their crafts. Communicating this unifying role of the swastika is also part of the mission of the ProSwastika Alliance.

On this note, I thank you, Mr. Passio, for your open-mindedness in righting the wrongs about the swastika. When the time comes, I will gladly provide you with the contact information for the ProSwastika Alliance’s online conference on June 25, 2023, “World Swastika Rehabilitation Day”, at which we would be honored to have you attend.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely

Martin Hétu,
Coordinator of the ProSwastika Alliance, North America