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Politicians’ favorite brew: a verve-haine” – Paul Carvel (Word game in French: ‘haïne’ means ‘hate’.)

As of January 5, 2022, Rex Murphy of the National Post 1 published the following article: « Justin Trudeau’s blind hatred of anti-vaxxers ».

It is encouraging to see that this political commentator is publicly questioning the appropriateness of such statements by putting the Prime Minister’s decisions in perspective as far as his management of the pandemic is concerned: “Who gets to ask whether we can ‘tolerate’ certain people who disagree with him, when that same person has gutted the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of all Canadians through his COVID decrees?” However, he does not openly condemn them.

It is never right for the leader of a country to launch a furious invective against an entire subset of citizens.” Perhaps it would have been interesting, at the very least, if Mr. Murphy had gone further in his reflection by presenting that the responsibility of a leader is other than to nourish hatred, consequently division. In the same breath, can we seriously believe that such words from him are really the result of blind hatred? Let’s not be afraid to put into words what is happening now: everything is being done to get the masses to be injected with a “so-called vaccine”, division and the use of the old scapegoat strategy are part of it.

In the face of such blatant demagoguery, Mr. Murphy’s admonitions are but a pat on the back for a politician with a very specific agenda. His position as a political commentator would have allowed him to shed much more light on the lie that is being perpetrated in the shadows of this staged event. Instead, he preferred to spare the goat and the cabbage. With the serious health problems and lethality experienced by “vaccinees” around the world, it is naive to suggest that these leaders are acting unintentionally. We must stop once and for all misunderstanding about the charm, the affable, protective, and benevolent tone of leaders.

Politicians are the cancer of humanity.2 – Rael

We are literally invaded by anxiety and despair. To believe that it is in a politician’s DNA to help his citizens be happy is a delusion. As a citizen playing the role of political commentator, in the current situation, your power to influence is all the more important. Such a forum is an opportunity to promote another option.

What is Mr. Trudeau’s interest in continuing with this speech? Mr. Murphy, you are sensitive to the fact that the Prime Minister certainly has no interest in implementing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for all Canadians, a charter that flows from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If Mr. Trudeau had the welfare of Canadians at heart, his words would be one of hope, promoting cooperation, not division.

Cooperation is the future of humanity, everybody working for the good of everybody3 – Rael

Does your article help to mitigate the Prime Minister’s divisive comments? Is it powerful enough to influence readers to reflect on the fact that as citizens, they are the ones who are responsible for their collective future and not the politicians? Finally, does this same article allow them to understand that politicians are part of the destructive elements of our humanity?

without the most terrible poison of humanity: government, police, and law.4 – Rael

We encourage you, Mr. Murphy, to make it clear in your articles that Canadian and other societies will only flourish in the acceptance of the right of others to be different in every way, and that it is the responsibility of global citizens to promote this.

With these words, we send you all our love and brotherhood.


Rachel Bluteau,
columnist for raelcanada.com
Martin Hétu,
special collaboration
for Celebrity Team


Régine Paradis

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