Dear Mr. Provost

I am writing to you after listening to the excellent interview of December 13, 2022: “Patrick Provost – plus vrai que vrai” (Patrick Provost – truer than true), that you gave to Radio Masse critique.

As a physician, biochemist, and researcher, most of the discussion has focused on these aspects of the lie surrounding the Covid “vaccination”.  However, my attention was captured 

by these few words you said, which I think are also of great importance: “Those who are in charge of our institutions should be the most competent.” 

More than ever before, the “Covid crisis” of the last few years has highlighted the problems that our system generates. The selection of those who run for important decision-making 

positions is flawed; whether these positions are political or otherwise. On the other hand, it would be equally imperative to better determine who would be capable of selecting the right 

people for these decision-making positions.

Everything we are collectively “experiencing” now will very soon lead societies to rethink and question these selection and election mechanisms. The upheavals at all levels that have 

been and will be brought about by the new technologies that are rapidly being put in place cannot be managed by today’s outdated politicians.  

If we can’t find better solutions, I believe that “Geniocracy” will soon prove to be a choice to be considered very seriously if we are to deal adequately with the 

wonderful whirlwind of change that is coming around the world.   

We are entering an era of very advanced science and technology and decisions must be made by collegiality of people such as yourself, Mr. Provost, whose insight and long-term 

vision are tinged with this color. 


Martin Hétu,
Head of External Communications for the Canadian Raelian Movement