Wacky don’t you think?

According to this article, titled by The Canadian Press, this idea besides others, was developed and suggested to the liberal government in Ottawa, in an effort to help find solutions to the consequences of increased labour automation, by trying to prevent income inequality before it happens.

Lyliane Jolly, Columnist

Based on an estimate provided to the G7 labour ministers this spring, up to 15% of jobs could be lost due to robotization over the next two decades. The McKinsey Global Institute has also determined that nearly 50% of the activities for which we currently pay a worker could be automated using technologies already on the market.2 This does not only mean that 50% of the workload can be automated, but rather that we could work much less with robot partners doing 50% of the normally paid tasks.

Thinking of taxing robots that replace workers and allowing Canadians to pay their tax bills through volunteer work, according to these ideas presented to the government, this could be a good start, if the guaranteed minimum income was also added.

In our modern world, humans have always had to work in order to survive. The era of industrialization has revolutionized work habits. One thing has not changed, the enslavement of man to work duty.

In 1977, Rael wrote “Geniocracy”.

This highly pertinent book offers a totally revolutionary vision of how to govern our planet to enable a world of happiness and fulfillment.

It describes the 5 fundamental goals to achieve it and one of them is of particular interest to us here:

– To replace the right to work with the right to self-fulfillment. 3

“Everything a human being can do, can be done better by robots.

Therefore, instead of working only for money, human beings can let all work be accomplished by robots and use their lives to do what they like – creating, doing research and studies, practicing arts, or meditating and achieving self-development. Under these conditions, the world will finally reach the level of paradise. That is why this system is called paradism.” 4

Offering one’s time freely to the community is a way of meeting other human beings, a way of sharing and loving them. It is to feel a great sense of accomplishment.

So, for governments to think about offering a tax deduction to those who get involved with others is an excellent idea; the first steps of a society focused on mutual support and recognition.

Some people are wondering, “Will I get bored if I don’t work?” Let’s suggest they find their dreams, their aspirations, all their creativity and why not, (to-enlever) do some volunteer work.

I am part of the generation that has reached retirement age. I therefore have the privilege of organizing my days according to my inspirations, my joys.

It is exciting to live this millennium. We still have to learn to Be happy.

Lyliane Jolly

Columnist for the Canadian Raelian Movement.


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