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Translation : Régine Paradis

The third commemoration of the massacre at the Grande Mosque in Quebec City, on January 29, 2020, highlighted the solidarity movement and the mobilization of the various religious and laic communities [1].

The violent event of January 29, 2017 could have resulted in increased anger among the community targeted by the killing. Instead, it created a shockwave. The various communities realized that tolerance, which means, just putting up with the presence of the other, was insufficient. They realized that there was a need to live together.

Neighboring implies coexisting. To do this, fear of the other must be replaced by openness to knowing the other. “Don’t be afraid to approach people; be enterprising, be aggressive. The meaning of aggressive was originally to ‘go towards’ others. We can go towards people negatively, that is to say violently, or towards them positively, that is to say to approach them. So dare! ” – Rael [2]

The “leaders” of the various communities made a gesture that allows citizens to change the way they look at each other and thus build a different way of living together. The Grand Chief of the Huron-Wendat Nation, Konrad Sioui, pointed out that the “common denominator” between individuals is “the human being him/herself. It is not his/her color, his/her religion,” he pleaded [3].

Mobilizing to “build a harmonious future” [4] will undoubtedly influence individuals to want to act in favor of nonviolence and thereby express new thoughts. “The more violence there is, the more we must have thoughts of love.” – Rael [5]

To act in favor of non-violence is to act in favor of love, because in order to meet the other, we have to get out of our prejudices and break down our barriers. To open up to the other requires the desire to love him/her as a brother/sister: “We must learn to live together as brothers; otherwise we will all die together like idiots.” – Martin Luther King

The violent event that took place in Quebec City should be enough for each of us to act in favor of non-violence and love. We could add that all events of violence, no matter where, challenge us to take action. “An injustice committed somewhere is a threat to justice in the whole world.” – Martin Luther King

There are three simple things that can be done on a daily basis to ensure that we are among those who contribute to this goal:

  • Love yourself: “The most important love is love for yourself… whatever the shape of your body or your face, your age…” – Rael [6]
  • Smile: “The smile is the first step towards love.” – Rael [7]. Smiling at each other to show love. Smile to the other to create a human contact.
  • Meditate for Peace: Sending thoughts of peace and love with our telepathic waves makes a big difference. “If you meditate for Peace, even alone in your house, your telepathic waves will change the world.” – Rael [8]

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein

Rachel Bluteau
Columnist for the Raelian Movement

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