What if we started by removing religion from politics?

Lyliane Jolly, Columnist

This week SALAM Sarhan, a London writer, proposed a radical suggestion: “It is overdue to initiate and coordinate a concerted global effort to stop the use of any religion to justify any political endeavour.” Why I’m starting a global campaign to remove religion from politics

In politics, “The only worthwhile system of government is geniocracy which an application of humanitarianism. Capitalism is wrong because it enslaves people to money (…). Communism is also wrong, since it places greater importance on equality than on liberty. There must be equality among people at the beginning, at birth, but not afterwards.”

Rael, Intelligent Design (P180)

For thousands of years, religions have had a significant influence on the political life of countries. This influence has been, and is, corrosive to humanity. It is the source of the world’s conflicts.A lot is being said about the political abuses of Islam but let us not forget Christianity which still comes down cruelly in certain countries.

Mr. Salam talks about establishing an international consensus to prevent any invocation of religion by majority or extremist religious groups to support national and political programs.
To this end he proposes to “create an international treaty to ban the political use of religion, (along the lines of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons)”.

One could think that it is about time for this to be proposed and implemented.

A religion which dictates political life becomes a handicap for a humanity that needs physical and intellectual freedom to flourish. A religion at the reins of a country is to force its citizens to be on their knees in front of religious principles that are not theirs.

While every religion generates dependence – Spirituality makes one independent.

Thanks to technology, humans understand the games of the powerful, those who know how to manipulate the masses.
Thanks to social networks, we are witnessing the emergence of a magnificent global awareness.
Voices are being heard:

Africa, whose real name is Kama, is standing up and claiming its rights loud and clear, claiming its decolonization, its currency;
Native people are bringing their cases to justice;
Farmers are standing up against Monsanto and the like;
Women are calling “metoo”, “go topless”;
Consumers are banding together to boycott the products of colonizing countries…

The awakening is happening indeed.

Neither religious extremism nor the precepts of a religion should meddle with politics.
Only freedom of conscience in the service of humans can govern.
“When love becomes the law, we don’t need government. We don’t need police, we don’t need law.” Rael, Contact 374

So yes to Mr. SALAM Sarhan and “An international treaty to ban the political use of religion”. When ?

Lyliane Jolly
Raelian Church Columnist