On April 7th myself, David ,and two other Raelians, Pico and Ted, traveled from Vancouver to Seattle to give a Raelian presentation…It was an a exciting weekend for the Raelians as the 7th was the day after the Raelians around the world celebrated E.T. Embassy Day, on April 6th, to bring awareness about an Embassy to welcome what the Raelians believe is an advanced scientific humanity which created all life on earth, you can lean more about the Embassy Project here: Elohim Embassy

We left at 8:30 a.m. after Ted arrived by taxi from across town. So we jumped into the car and off we went not sure how many people would be present for the presentation in Bellevue Washington. It is always exciting to have this privilege of meeting new people and to spread this amazing message on earth. As we approached the Canadian-US border, the lineup was not bad, it only took 15 minute. As we approached the customs agent, it was so funny to see these agents so serious, the opposite from our philosophy, which is to be happy for no reason. I guess she thought three happy looking people were very dangerous, she gave us an orange slip and we had to pull over and go inside to see another customs agent. This lady was actually smiling, laughing and joking with us, I think she was connected to infinity in some way… Anyway, both customs agents said they had never heard about the Raelians… so now they have.

We then left Bellingham and continued on our way to Seattle. Here is a Facebook Live just after we crossed the border… very dangerous people!! ;-))

Posted by David Dunsmore Raelian on Sunday, April 7, 2019

I was a beautiful day, some rain, mostly sunny though as we drove through the mountains, beautiful forests along the way… My parents used to have a summer home on Whidbey Island, I must of traveled this highway thousands of times but never become tired of the Elohim`s wonderful creation. It was nice to see that it had not changed much and the highway still kept its natural beauty!

Now, on with our journey, we reached Seattle in about 3 hours, we found the place which Marc, another Raelian living in L.A., had organized for us. It was a little tricky to find. What a well-designed building, waterfalls, a nice French bakery in the lobby, nice art work. We found the room for the presentation on the third floor, nice relaxing environment for people to enjoy the presentation. There was a bit of technical issues, the HDMI would not connect to my laptop. After 40 minutes of several different attempts, it was time to start the presentation; fortunately I had brought a speaker system and used my laptop with the speakers.

There were about 16 people present for the Raelian E.T. Embassy presentation. After a short welcoming and introduction, I started the first video. I edited the “Unlocking the mysteries of life” video to summarize it in about 20 minutes, a must see for those who have not seen it yet!! It’s a really amazing video showing what our scientists on earth have discovered on a molecular level, which is why I like to use this video. It is not the Raelians explaining how life was created by an intelligence but instead scientists and theologists on earth explaining that the smaller we go into the world of the cells and atoms, there is an intelligent design behind all life; and it was meant to be understood and manipulated.

Next I showed a video explaining the Raelian point of view and how Rael had received the messages in 1973, and then did a verbal conclusion making a few connections to science, spirituality and being happy. We concluded with a question period, they were all great intelligent questions. After the presentation, we had a chance to just talk with those who chose to stay and hang around. It was really nice to meet such young wonderful open-minded conscious people. In all, it was a great presentation regardless the technical issues.

As people left, a few stayed behind and two of them wanted to stay for a special Raelian ceremony, the Cellular plan Transmission. April 7 was also a Raelian celebration day, the first Sunday of April. As explained in the messages, it was the day, thousands of years ago, when these advanced scientific people known as the Elohim created the first human being in a laboratory. There are four annual celebration days in the Raelian calendar, during which people who consciously chose can undergo a Raelian baptism, the demystified act of the original baptism. Simply put, it is the transfer of a person’s DNA electrical vibration to be received by this advanced Humanity who created us, the Elohim. This is a conscious act of an individual to express the belief that we humans were created by the Elohim through science and of course a lot of love!

Please see this link for a more scientific explanation:

Raelian baptism: a 35 year old hypothesis validated by science

After the Raelian ceremony where two persons had their Cellular plan transmitted, we packed up and went down to the French bakery to spend some more time with the new people we met. After a nice snack and conversations, it was time for us to head back to Canada eh ;-))

Many hugs and goodbyes later, we were on our way back to the US-Canadian border. Here is another Facebook Live as we left Seattle:

Posted by David Dunsmore Raelian on Sunday, April 7, 2019

We decided to line up for the truck crossing. It was pretty slow and as we approached the customs agent, I guess we were even more dangerous looking now, we got the orange card again and had to go see another customs agent. After about 30 minutes of fun, there we were back on the highway. Wow, it was such an amazing sunset, so many colors, a perfect ending to a perfect day on earth walking following the last of the Prophets on earth, Maitreya Rael! What a truly amazing journey to be Raelian for 22 years now… what a joy!!

Love to all
David, Pico and Ted