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From science fiction to real news, we have seen plenty of stories about extra-terrestrials visiting us for years. The UFO phenomenon is part of our culture and central to many evening discussions with friends and family. Most Americans would scoff at the idea that UFOs exist and have visited Earth. According to an independent Ipsos poll in 2020, 45% of Americans now believe it compared to only 27% in 2016. Canadians seem to hold the same beliefs.

Clearly, there is a lot of interest in what is out there in North America. Not only do North Americans believe we are being visited by intelligent life, but the number of UFO appearances has increased in the last few years with the epicentre of UFO reports coming out of Idaho, USA. Sarah Scoles, science journalist and writer at Wired magazine who wrote two books on the UFO phenomenon, says perhaps 90% of all UFO appearances reported can be explained as data becomes available. Mrs. Scoles and other experts claim it is the increased interest and belief in UFOs that is the reason people are seeing more UFOs in the sky than ever.  Part of the reason in the recent year has been the launch of large amounts of satellites, like Elon Musk’s Starlink telecommunications satellites who have looked like night sky lights behaving in strange ways.

But it is the other 10% that interest UFO believers. In January 2021, the Pentagon has declassified massive amounts of documents, many of which detail encounters catalogued by the American military from the 1970s onwards that are not yet explainable. One of the accounts described a UFO that looked like a star that moved over a city in Russia. “The star moved slowly towards Petrozavodsk and spread out over it in the form of a medusa.  It hung there, showering the city with multitude of very fine rays which created an image of pouring rain.”  According to citizen reports, the ordeal lasted between 10 and 12 minutes.

Maitreya Rael, in his book Intelligent Design, wrote about his encounter with a UFO in 1973 and then again in 1975.  He writes he met an extra-terrestrial that called himself Yahweh, the same Yahweh as identified in the Christian Bible.  At that encounter, Yahweh told Rael they created all life on Earth and have been visiting the Earth every since.  There are plenty of accounts of their visit in old scriptures, such as the book of Ezekiel, where in sections, Ezekiel describes an encounter with a UFO of his own. At this meeting Yahweh told Rael they visit the Earth in modern times “To monitor and watch over the development of humanity.  Human beings on Earth are the future, we are the past.” Yahweh explains that his people, the Elohim, are 25,000 years more advanced than we are and one day wish to be invited back officially, but only when the Earth is peaceful and welcoming.

Yahweh also explained in his encounter with Rael that they show themselves to the people of Earth to make their presence known and to test the people of Earth and see how we react. One day, perhaps soon, we won’t take a warlike posture or react in fear when we see something unknown in the sky. Our increasing interest in UFOs may indicate a greater comfort with and curiosity about the unknown, indicating we’re one step closer to being ready to greet our extra-terrestrial creators.



Sylvain Rochon,
Special collaborator for the raelian movement