Montreal, October 12, 2016 – It has been several decades now that Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, has been requesting for the celebration of Columbus Day to be stopped. In a recent statement, he expressed his support to the four U.S. states of the U.S. that have banned the celebration of that day and is now encouraging more states to follow suite.

« This growing trend to ban Columbus Day is wonderful but not enough» said Rael. «It’s time for a campaign for the de-Christianisation through apostasy of the indigenous people who are betraying the memory of their ancestors by having the religion of the colonizers. It is time also for their de-Europeanization by refusing anything coming from them like their costumes and names…»

While Spain and other countries in the Americas are celebrating Columbus Day, Raelians will protest in front of Columbus statues and Spanish embassies to express their support of the Native Americans who have been decimated as a result of the arrival of Columbus, and to advocate a true decolonisation.

In a recent interview about the true decolonization of South America, Rael also explained that the celebration of Columbus Day is an insult to the victims of the multiple genocides in America. « It is shameful to celebrate Columbus Day as it is the celebration of the extermination of 100 million Native Americans. We are still mourning the genocide of 6 million Jews in Europe but the killing of 100 million Native Americans is a cause for celebration? This is a shame and the whole planet should be reminded of the true story of the violent destruction of the Native American people, the rapes, and the pillage. »

« It’s disgusting to see how barbaric, forceful colonialist invasions by dwarf-size European countries like the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Netherlands conquered and stole huge continents and almost all the world. » declared Princess Loona, spokesperson of the European Raelian Movement. « It’s about time that all the former colonial powers become accountable. The governments should pay huge monetary damages to descendants of victims; give back wealth, stolen pieces of art and territories to its original native population».

Raelians on all continents have organized anti Columbus Day actions to remind the public of the shameful holocaust associated to the colonization organized by a few European countries and how important it is to complete the decolonization at all political, economic, cultural and religious levels.

Raelians in Montreal will therefore demonstrate in Turin Park (7205 Chambord) at 3pm today October 12th in memory of all the victims of this European invasion. We specially invite all members of First Nations, those who support them and also the members of the South American community in support of the decolonization of the Native people of their country, to join us for this important social moment and to meditate together toward world peace, one minute at a time.