MONTREAL, Nov. 2, 2012 – “The beatification of the Mohawk Kateri Tekakwitha, canonized by Pope Benoit XVI, is a true insult toward the Mohawk forefathers,” said Rodolf Samson, spokesperson of the Canadian Raelian Movement with the First Nations, following the beatification announcement.
“They were forced to convert [to Catholicism] by disavowing all their ancestral values and culture, destroying every facet of their way of life.”

Samson went on to explain how the injustice wrought by the Catholic Church continues today.

“Today the Mohawk people are seeing themselves sanctified by their torturers, and it’s very instructive to see that some Mohawks are even now joining the ranks of this criminal religious institution,” he said. “And they do so even though they’re aware of the terrors committed against their ancestors.”

Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, has many times expressed to the colonized, indigenous people of Africa, the Americas and Australia that an African, Amerindian or Aborigine is a traitor to his forefathers if he or she converts to Catholicism.

“It’s necessary to respect the forefathers and refuse the values of those who colonized them by force,” Rael commented. “The only answer to the crimes of the Catholic Church is apostasy.”

Samson had more to say about the beautification matter.

“It is not at random that a new Mohawk saint is being acknowledged,” he said. “This is a time when the Catholic Church obviously fears that more of its crimes will be revealed concerning its involvement in the largest genocide ever perpetrated on Earth. And those crimes were committed against the First Nations of America.”
He explained that the Mohawks, which the invaders named Iroquois, were once described in Quebec’s history books as bloody animals who were eating the hearts of Catholic priests as a pasttime.

“For the Catholic Church, members of the First Nations didn’t have souls,” Samson explained. “Therefore, to kill them was considered like killing moose or wolves, and it was highly recommended to do so. They were considered dangerous, primitive savages that should be exterminated if they didn’t convert to worship the Catholic God, who would supposedly save them by giving them souls as if by magic. This criminal attitude cannot be erased by the beatification of a few. We must remember that it is by force that the First Nations were converted, with the notorious Christian words ‘believe or die.'”

“How many children were taken away from their parents by these same Catholics? How many women were sterilized by force? How many rapes were committed to dilute what they called ‘the unclean blood of the race?’ And how many epidemics were deliberately spread against tribes that didn’t submit to the so-called ‘civilized morals’ that were so cruelly imposed on the forefathers of those who still suffer today?”

Samson added that the Mohawks also suffer from the fact that their ancestral roots are still unacknowledged.

“The Canadian Raelian Movement expresses its total support for the Mohawk Nation, which has every reason to want to live proud and strong,” he said. “That’s how the Mohawks previously lived on this homey and generous Earth, before the arrival of the Whites. The truly brave men today are those who show their courage by apostatizing publicly from Catholicism and other forms of Christianity, the religions of the colonizers, and by rediscovering their traditional religions.”