“If everyone on earth gives one minute of meditation for peace and love, then we can change the world.”
Maitreya Rael, July 2012

In a recent address, Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, proposed to have as many people as possible give just one minute of their time to meditate for peace.

“What we think, what we express and what we feel is affecting everything else in the universe and of course everything on Earth,” Rael said. We are powerful brain wave transmitters and the Earth needs peace and love.”   

He asked the audience to imagine human beings coming from another planet who want to contact us.

“Looking at all the borders and fights between countries, they obviously don’t know who to contact,” Rael said. “We need to build an embassy for those who created us, the Elohim, because we have borders and about 200 countries, and they don’t want to give an advantage to one nation over another. The ideal situation when landing on a planet is to find that there is only one nation. This is why we have to destroy borders, nations, national flags and nationalism.”

Rael went on to say that our priority is to create one united world where every human being lives in peace, with a one-world government and without armies, so that the Elohim can come.

“That’s why we need to influence this planet to make it more peaceful. Our brains can send powerful waves of peace and love. Just a few people using their brains to send waves of peace and love can change this world!”

With that in mind, the more than 70,000 Raelians worldwide will soon have booths and banners proposing passersby to join them for one-minute peace meditations.