Conscientious objector Natan Blanc has been awarded the title of Honorary Guide for Humanity by Rael, the Spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, for his repeated refusal to serve the Israel defense forces.

The young objector has spent five and a half months behind bars for refusing to join the Israeli army because of the occupation before finally being released.

“His refusal to serve  the Israeli army of occupation and genocide is commendable” said Rael ” he is an example for the young Israeli generation who needs to be told that violence will never be a solution to any conflict”

Blanc resonates many years of Rael’s encouraging when he said that Israeli citizens as human beings have a moral duty to refuse to participate in this cynical game.” In 2007, Rael was calling for an “Israeli Gandhi” – an Israeli citizen who would lead Israel with nonviolence.  Rael also called for Israeli citizens to adopt the Palestinian orphans of war and raise them as Muslim, pointing out how this would immediately facilitate fraternity between the two peoples. The government did not allow this however.

Nathan Blanc is joining a small group of Israeli Honorary Guides who all stood up to defend truth, peace and compassion without consideration for their own personal interest. Among them can be found Yoav Shamir, author of the movies Check Point and Defamation, Tali Fahima, an Israeli peace activist who served two-thirds of a three-year prison sentence for helping a Palestinian militant.

Eyal Sivan who directed “Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Israel-Palestine,” a film in which he portrayed the divide of the physical landscape and that of the humans who inhabit it. He especially emphasized the deep racial hatred Israelis harbor toward Palestinians.

Tsvi Misinai, a renowned pioneer who has devoted much energy to prove that Palestinians are Jews converted to Islam and Daniel Barenboim, the renowned conductor and pianist, an Israeli citizen, peace activist  who dared champion Palestinian rights.