Members of the Raelian Church who have been sexually abused by the Catholic Church’s clergy are invited to register for the class actions filed by the firm ADW – Arseneault Dufresne Wee (http://adwavocats.com) in more than eight major dioceses in Quebec.

In the Diocese of Montreal, a settlement agreement already accepted on March 8, 2023: (District of Montreal, Superior Court, Chamber of Class Actions, No: 500-06-000992-194) stipulates that the Diocese of Montreal must pay $14,808,280 to one hundred and twenty-three young victims of recognized sexual abuse, by members of the Catholic clergy.

The other class actions in the dioceses of Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, Longueuil, Joliette, Amos and Saint-Hyacinthe are at different stages of legal proceedings, and victims can still register.

More recently, ADW launched a new class action against the diocese of Saint-Jérôme-Mont-Laurier. According to journalist France Poirier’s article from November 21, 2023 https://www.journalacces.ca/actualite/diocese-de-saint-jerome-mont-laurier-des-victimes-dagressions-sexuelles-se-regroupent/ here are the words of ADW lawyer Virginie Dufresne-Lemire:

 “We are looking for victims who may have been sexually assaulted by clergy, employees or volunteers, lay or religious, who were under the responsibility of the Saint-Jérôme-Mont-Laurier diocese. We know that the dioceses of Saint-Jérôme and Mont-Laurier were merged in 2022.”

“The purpose of filing an application for authorization is to inform people that there would be a class action and the persons who may have been victims can contact us and register for free. We listen to people, we meet them. They tell us their stories to validate the veracity of the facts.” Anyone wishing to take part in this class action is invited to contact Arseneault Dufresne Wee (http://adwavocats.com). Registration is free and confidential. By e-mail: actioncollective@adwavocats.com or by telephone at: 514-527-8903.

Nicole Bertrand, Raelian bishop and vice-president of the Raelian Church, has been mandated to help the victims of sexual abuse suffered by members of her organization to free themselves from the shame of the humiliating acts they were victims of during their childhood, and to regain confidence in human justice, by joining one of the many class actions currently in progress. She also invites them to share this information with their childhood friends, their family members, from their towns and villages, in every diocese in Quebec.

Furthermore, for the sake of transparency and justice, the representatives of the Raelian Church invite all persons who feel they have been victims of sexual abuse committed by members of their organization to ask the legal firm Arseneault Dufresne Wee (http://adwavocats.com) to open a free and confidential class action. They fully support respect for the law and for individuals, and invite their members to call the police if they are victims or witnesses of abuse of any kind, including sexual abuse.