LAS VEGAS, May 1 – For the 3rd consecutive year, Raelians will join Paradist movements around the world in celebrating May 1 as the International Day of Paradism. They will also participate peacefully in demonstrations set to take place on Labor Day.

Several years ago, Rael, founder and leader of the International Raelian Movement, initiated a societal system called Paradism to give the world a way out of its present capitalist system based on scarcity.

“Paradism is the only way out of the current situation, in which only a few [people] own 99 percent of the world’s wealth,” Rael wrote at the time. “Under Paradism, all new technologies will be used without any workforce or money, and all products will be distributed freely to all human beings.”

“Paradism parties have since been created in a number of countries to denounce ineffective policies aimed at fighting unemployment,” explained Raelian Guide Jarel, leader of the International Paradism party, in a statement released today. “Technology must continue and be further developed to free people from their forced labor [paid employment] and bring forth the leisure-based society that is Paradism. When all work can be done in the future by robots, human beings will be free to do what they like: create, meditate and have fun. This will be a real paradise on earth, which is the basis of its name, ‘Paradism.’”

For Raelians, such Paradism-based society without work is unavoidable.

“This outcome is deeply rooted in the aspirations of humanity and the course of our technological progress,” Jarel said. 

“But the transition to this new society, in which technology progressively takes away jobs formerly done by people, doesn’t have to be accompanied by more misery and suffering. In fact, it can bring greater satisfaction with life and increased well-being for everyone on Earth.”

Jarel said that along with celebrating International Paradism Day, Raelians will voice their discontent this year against policies of austerity currently being promoted in many countries.

“We need to counter the widespread misconception that technological progress is working against us,” he said. “Why ask for more austerity when there is no lack of resources and the shops are crammed full with all the goods we need? Fortunately, we have Rael’s vision of Paradism to counter the poverty of ideas and bleak alternatives offered by politicians and current governments,” Jarel said.

Is it true what some people say, that current technology produces more than we need but that we can afford only a small fraction of that production?

“That’s not the case at all,” Jarel said. “It’s not that we don’t have enough for everyone, but that we don’t distribute to everyone. The solution is not to produce more but to share more. The Paradist Movement promotes sharing the benefits of technology to free humanity from poverty, injustice and slavery. We don’t have to wait. We can start doing it right now!”

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