It’s time to consider restricting human breeding

RAEL’S COMMENT: absolutely!


Given the number of children that starve each day, dwindling planetary resources and the coming transhumanist era, it might be time to consider restricting human breeding, argues futurist Zoltan Istvan in this guest post.

In an attempt to solve this problem and give hundreds of millions of future kids a better life, I cautiously endorse the idea of licensing parents, a process that would be little different than getting a driver’s licence.

A few years ago, I was at a doctor party, the kind where tired residents drop by in their scrubs, everyone drinks red wine, and discussion centres around medical industry gripes. I wandered over to a group ofobstetricians and listened in. One tall blonde woman said something that caught my attention: with 10,000 kids dying everyday around the world from starvation, you’d think we’d put birth control in the water.

Maitreya’s position about the Palestine-Israel situation

RAEL’S  COMMENT: Following the request of a few Raelians to have Maitreya’s position about the Palestine-Israel situation, Maitreya made the following statement:

“My position has always been clear  for those who visit my page on Facebook: I am  supporting at 100  % the Palestinians in their fight against the terrible genocide and war crimes they are suffering actually. I support the right of Jewish people (real Jewish people and that can be proven genetically) to Israel, on land and in houses that they can buy from Palestinians with the damage money Germany has and continue to pay every year.  BUT I also support the right to the return of Palestinians  to their houses and lands stolen by Israelis in a non racist apartheid  free state of Palestine, living peacefully together like they did for 2000 years.Read More

Dear woman

RAEL’S COMMENT: great message except the judo-christian guilt about pornography and prostitution, which can be made by women willingly making the choice of doing it and even enjoying it. It’s part of the respect for women to let them free to enjoy their bodies the way they wish, when it’s THEIR wish.

Good intention but I don’t agree with it : I don’t see any reason for all conscious men, except the wish to look “politically correct” to apologize for something they are not responsible for. I don’t see the need to apologize for the rape or tortures committed by some stupid barbarian men, I don’t see the need to apologize for the Arabic men forcing women to cover their face. Apologizing for these things is in fact accepting the idea that I could have done it. Apologizing for it is denying my personality which has absolutely nothing to do with them. It s in fact a sexist position seeing yourself as a man first instead of a conscious being.

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Gaza conflict: The hundreds who lost their lives

RAEL’S COMMENT: even the mainstream medias start to show how Israel reaction is disproportionate.  


Almost 1,900 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed since the launch of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge at the beginning of July.

Some 66 Israelis – all but two of them soldiers – have also died in the mission to destroy rockets and tunnels used by the militant Islamist group Hamas. What do we know about who died and where they were killed? According to figures from the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), up to 6 August, 1,890 Palestinians had lost their lives in the conflict.

Among the dead were 414 children and 87 men and women over the age of 60.

The youngest to be killed was 10 days old, while the oldest was 100. While the UN puts the number of militant dead below 200, Israel claims about 900 Palestinian militants were killed in the fighting.   Read More

China to start direct sales of fruit and vegetables to Russia

RAEL’S COMMENT: wonderful cooperation.The only ones hurt by sanctions will be Europe and US.And they deserve it.


China will start selling fruit and vegetables directly to Russia, and Baorong company plans to set up a special logistics center in Dongning on the border with Russia’s Far East to do it.

The 70,000 square meter wholesale market and 30,000 square meter warehouse, fitted out with refrigerators and other equipment, will be in a special cross-border customs zone, ITAR-TASS cites the head of the Association of Applied Economy of the Heilongjiang Province Zhang Chunjiao.

Direct export of fruit and vegetables to Russia will be organized from it,” she said.

It will cost $9.7 million to construct. Customs clearance times will be reduced, and there will be no need to double-check the cargo because of video surveillance in the warehouse.Read More

Celebrity promotion of charities ‘is largely ineffective’ says research

RAEL’S COMMENT: wonderful research ! Yes, “celebrities” are useless and purely a product of the capitalist medias conglomerates trying to create new idols, another name for gods. Its good to see that people do not need them to help just causes.


Celebrity promotion of charities is ineffective at raising awareness, but can make the stars more popular with the public, new research says.

 According to journal articles by three UK academics, “the ability of celebrity and advocacy to reach people is limited” and celebrities are “generally ineffective” at encouraging people to care about “distant suffering.”

The research, by Professor Dan Brockington, of The University of Manchester, Professor Spensor Henson, University of Sussex, and Dr Martin Scott, University of East Anglia, is published at time when many celebrities are campaigning for charity.

Professor Brockington and Professor Henson carried out two surveys, each of over 1,000 people to ask about celebrities and campaigning, as well as running focus groups.

They found that 66% of those surveyed could not link any celebrity with a list of seven well-known charities and aid organisations (NGOs) the researchers mentioned.

“Our survey found that while awareness of major NGOs brands was high, awareness of celebrity advocates for those brands was low,” they said in their article, published online in the International Journal of Cultural Studies.

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Assange stakeout has cost nearly $12 million

RAEL’S COMMENT: a waste of money which would have been better used helping homeless and starving people.

As WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange marks his 777th day in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, the Metropolitan Police has spent over $11.8 million on guarding the embassy.

Assange has been detained without charge for 1,337 days – and 777 of those days have been spent in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, according to the latest WikiLeaks statement.

Meanwhile, the price tag for guarding Assange hit over seven million British pounds (US$11.8 million) early on Wednesday, according to counter.

Officers have been staking out the embassy around the clock since June 2012, with the cost to the London taxpayers surpassing $15,000 per day.

At any time of the day or night, there are three officers stationed outside the embassy, ready to arrest Assange if he tries to leave.

The bill is likely to keep climbing; Ecuadorian authorities have said Assange is welcome to stay in the embassy for as long as required.

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US resupplying Israel with ammunition even after condemning shelling of Gaza school

RAEL’S COMMENT; and the money goes to the weapons industry belonging mostly to American Jews, who make huge profits, and use part of it to lobby US politicians to make sure that they continue to provide financial aid to Israel, so they can buy more weapons and continue killing innocent civilians.The weapon industry vampires are making profits with blood of Palestinian children in a continuous vicious circle: more bombing, more money, more money more lobbying, more lobbying more bombing…


No sooner than the White House condemned the shelling of a United Nations-operated school in Gaza on Wednesday did news break that the Pentagon will supply the Israeli military with new ammunition to further their campaign on the war-ravaged city.

That afternoon, CNN reported that the United States military will be honoring a request from Israel for assistance in the midst of their weeks-long campaign against militants from Hamas residing in Gaza City.

According to the network, Pentagon officials have confirmed that the US will honor a request from Israel for several types of ammunition, including 120mm mortar rounds and 40mm ammunition for grenade launchers. The exchange will not be an emergency sale, the unnamed officials said, and is coming from a stockpile of weapons maintained by the US in Israel worth more than $1 billion.

Only moments beforehand, however, the White House officially spoke out against an attack attributed to the IDF from earlier that day on an UN Relief and Works Agency school in Gaza’s Jabaliya refugee camp. Officials in Gaza say the shelling killed at least 15 and wounded 90 others, and is but the latest strike waged by the IDF in a war against Hamas that continues to claim the lives of Palestinian civilians caught in the crossfire.

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