MONTREAL, Oct. 20, 2009 – Sexual scandals are multiplying to the point of becoming an epidemic within the Roman Catholic Church. Recently, it was Catholic Bishop Raymond Lahey, from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, who was accused of possessing and importing child pornography.

For several decades, Quebec raelians have been encouraging the population to apostatize from this religion which does not respect the very foundation of why every human being was created, which is to blossom while enjoying all their senses ; of course while always respecting everyone’s freedom, as it is taught in the raelian philosophy.

“The case of Bishop Lahey, 69, who was formally accused last September 25th is therefore not isolated; as we have long been proclaiming…” stated Marc Rivard, Bishop and President of the Canadian Raelian Movement “…but an obvious tendency towards paedophilia developed by members of the Roman Catholic clergy who are deprived of sexual pleasure, something every human being naturally aspires to.”

Marc Rivard added “The Raelian philosophy not only advocates sexual freedom, which naturally protects our members from these mental deviances, but is also in favour of the use of sexual robots ; as Rael describes them in his book ‘Intelligent Design’, written in 1975, and as today’s scientists are now suggesting.”

“The rise of sexual robots is inevitable” was for example recently announced by Rodney Brooks, the father of evolutionary robotics and former director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (,,26109658-5014239,00.html). Marc Rivard further added “Already in Japan, many companies are creating robots which are ready to satisfy a number of fantasies”. The Quebec Raelians and the members of the NOPEDO association (created by Rael to help the victims of paedophilia) are therefore suggesting to raise funds to offer these helpful gadgets to members of the Roman Catholic clergy. “We cannot continue to turn a blind eye on the abuses, atrocities, and criminal acts committed by the Roman Catholic Church. It is urgent to intervene. Our governments should spend less time questioning themselves about the existence of religious minorities, and instead draw the obvious conclusions given the innumerable crimes committed by a religion that has lost all contact with the initial teachings of its prophet Jesus. In the meantime, while we wait for the international authorities to focus on the Roman Catholic doctrine and closely examine it against Human Rights, as we have been asking for a long time, a few well distributed robots should give a break to the children in our neighbourhoods.”