Let’s amend Article 3 of the Human Rights:
“Right to life, personal liberty, security, and RISK.”


If climbers climb mountains, parachutists jump from planes, or war reporters work in combat zones, risking their lives for a passion, a profession, or a cause, risking one’s life can be a personal choice.

Shouldn’t it be the same for health, namely that a person should have the choice to respect or not the health measures that are currently imposed on people?
It is in the name of this same freedom of choice that an addition should be made to Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Right to life, liberty, personal security), i.e. the right to risk.

This article would now read: “Right to life, liberty, personal security, and risk”. This would include the inviolability of the body and the fact that risking one’s life is a right.

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