RAEL’S COMMENT: That explains perfectly why listening to “scientific committees” recommending confinement and masks, like many governments did, is stupid. It’s just following “scientific” consensus, or “scientifically correct” thinking. The same process leads to the condemnation of the first real scientists who discovered that the earth was round. There was also, at this time, “scientific” committees ruling by consensus. That’s why Pr Raoust resigned from the “scientific committee” advising the French President: because it’s ruled by consensus. The same consensus applied by Facebook and Youtube to censor documents that do not fit with dominant thinking that they renamed: “not respecting our community standards”. Saying that the earth was round also didn’t respect the community standards of these primitive times… If Youtube and Facebook had existed at this time, they would have also block it.

Rael Maitreya's comment : that explain perfectly why listening to "scientific committees" recommending confinement and…

Posted by Daniel Turcotte Raelien on Thursday, April 30, 2020