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Jean-Claude Nader Columnist for the Raelian Movement
Jean-Claude Nader Columnist for the Raelian Movement

We have learned that to be happy, we must be disciplined.

What does it mean to be disciplined?

We can be disciplined because it is required by others or because it is an internal motivation.

Wanting to be happy is a personal decision. Just making a decision is not enough. Since no one can impose rules of conduct on us to be happy, disciplining ourselves to achieve is the key.

The prophet Rael in his book The Maitreya p. 98 (paper format) writes this:

The most beautiful form of discipline is when it is not imposed by force, but when it flows naturally from oneself, by itself, through conscious and voluntary choice.

Self-discipline is inherent to our motivation. It involves our ability to make choices (our thoughts, our actions, our emotions) that take into account our goal, in this case being happy.

 What is the purpose of self-discipline?

Ultimately, it is a source of determination to take action to achieve our goals.

Any action that brings us closer to our goals feeds our self-confidence and therefore strengthens our internal motivation, which in turn triggers self-discipline. It’s a virtuous circle.

Self-discipline is an important quality to develop in order to succeed.

 It is like the muscle of an athlete, the more we exercise it, the stronger it gets.

When we train to be disciplined, we create more tissue mass in our prefrontal cortex. The more we exercise this part of the brain, the stronger it gets. With time, training, self-discipline becomes a reflex. We are then able to resist more easily our impulses and desires that could lead us away from our goals.

We rarely want to be disciplined just for the sake of being disciplined. Self-discipline is a way to an end. So what is our end? What is the reason we need to discipline ourselves? To get a project done that we care about? To lose weight? To live a healthier life?

To be self-disciplined, we must therefore maintain a high level of energy. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is essential. We must eat as healthy as possible, take breaks, meditate regularly.

Sometimes we will be undisciplined. That we order a large pizza instead of cooking a healthy meal. That we stay in bed instead of going to our workout. That we watch TV instead of working on our project. And it’s totally okay to take a break. What’s important is to stay on track. Of course, we are responsible for our personal commitments, so let’s not feel guilty about it.

In fact it is very simple, the right type of self-discipline is one that allow us to be even more undisciplined. That is a good discipline; a bad discipline is one that does not allow indiscipline.” – Rael, The Maitreya p. 100 (paper format)

Indiscipline also allows us to rethink the importance we place on our goals: either we find the motivation to achieve them or we let them go.

If you make a decision and you don’t stick to it, it means you haven’t really made the decision. Making a decision and sticking to it takes discipline.” – Rael, Contact 351

Disciplining ourselves is a daily challenge to ultimately achieve our goals, especially the goal of being happy!

“True discipline is picking strawberries without eating any of them.”
Doug Larson

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