Reaction to the news article:

In my opinion, this questioning and the arguments offered through this article are unacceptable. Like freedom, the right to medical care is a fundamental human right that is not debatable or negotiable!  There is no need to justify such a proposal under the false pretext that we are in a period of COVID crisis. Moreover, how do they plan to put their proposal into practice? Since we are in a health emergency situation, we don’t have time for a pre-hospital investigation… So what is the solution? A suggestion that was effective in the 1940s: How about a yellow star and denunciation? (Of course, that’s sarcasm; at least on my side.)

If we consider normal that people who don’t want to OBEY and wear a mask no longer have access to medical care in case they get sick, then let’s continue with this infallible logic and without hesitation in going to the end of our foolishness:

Anyone who has smoked in his or her life will no longer be treated for cancer, since tobacco is widely recognized as one of the main risk factors for genetic mutations. They will therefore have to assume the consequences of their actions! Likewise, no more treatment in case of severe flu or pneumonia… By smoking, you are running towards such medical complications, so you should accept that our hospitals have something else to do in this time of crisis!

Any person with diabetes, especially in the case of type 2 diabetes, should no longer benefit from medical care related to their disease. After all, this type of diabetes is essentially caused by a lifestyle abusing sugar. Everyone is free to never deviate from a healthy lifestyle, and consuming one too many sugary drinks is a personal choice. And so, if the disease appears, well, “Sorry, you can forget about your insulin. We have patients with higher priority than you!”

Let’s not forget people at risk of heart attacks and clogged arteries due to excess cholesterol. Again, a probable excess of red meat, eggs or bad fats … So, if a broken arm or a runny nose reaches the emergency room before you; well, you’ll wait!

You will have understood that this same logic applies to any person with a liver problem due to a possible glass of wine too much, any person with a muscular, osseous or cardiac problem when he is not at his healthy weight, or even any person doing an extreme sport whose injuries could have been avoided… And if, with that, you go out without your scarf and you catch your death, well, the conclusion is the same: “Get out of the way, the health system is no longer there for the unconscious people.”

Finally, this proposal is a genius idea, because in this way we are solving all the shortcomings of our health care system, since no one should receive medical care for one reason or another …

Enough sarcasm, this questioning should not even be raised, because it is simply unacceptable. Have we lost all consciousness and love of neighbour? If so, that is exactly why the “Charter of Human Rights” exists, to protect us from our inhuman deviance. It is also why we must protect it at all times, COVID crisis or not!

Freedom is a fundamental right just as much as access to health care!

Our politicians and their media want us to believe that we must choose when faced with a dilemma. This is FALSE, the dilemma does not exist. We are free to wear the mask or not, just as we are entitled to adequate medical care, no matter what our life choices are, or when. But while the people are tearing themselves apart and dividing themselves, faced with false dilemmas, they have no time to ask the real questions, those that are disturbing and that could lead to solutions:


 How come they don’t have the necessary funds?

Why do our politicians spend MILLIONS on advertisements that support the merits of taking away the people’s liberties and free will, when many of our sick brothers and sisters die in hospital, ALONE, because of a lack of means and not because of their illness?

How can we justify a lack of funds when almost $30 billion a year is spent on armaments, just in Canada?

How can our governments humanely justify the choice of their budgets for instruments of death rather than instruments of life? Who are the irresponsible ones?

Let’s ask ourselves the right questions. Fundamental and human rights are non-negotiable. You don’t have to be a doctor to understand that, you just have to be human. The dilemmas that favour one right (here medical care) over another (here freedom) do not exist. If we think we are facing one of them, it means that the problem is not well formulated or that the solutions proposed to us are not the right ones.

It is up to us to find other solutions while respecting everyone’s rights!

Above all, let’s protect our rights and freedoms before laws are implemented. As a citizen, as a Raelian, as a sister to every human being on this planet, regardless of belief, colour, nationality or culture, I must react before such a bill becomes law. We all have to react, and now!

“If a law does not respect human rights, then you should never apply it; in fact, you should fight it.” – Rael, in The Maitreya, page 139

Link: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Link: WHO – Human rights and health

Link: Raelian website


Melove, Raelian Guide (Doctor of Immunology and Virology)