In an article published in La Presse+, titled “L’ouragan pédo menace le Vatican(1), (The pedophile hurricane a menace to the Vatican), Boucar Diouf makes a very well felt charge against an institution, the Catholic Church, which struggles to get its head out with a minimum of decency from the troubled waters where pedophile priests wade through. “It will take much more than a summit on sexual abuse to restore some dignity to this institution where hypocrisy, secrecy and sexual delinquency seem to have been trivialized for too long.”(2)

We could go through the trial again and again to find those responsible and condemn them, which would be fully deserved. But what is wrong with this religion? How could things have gotten so out of hand? Isn’t the ultimate goal of any spiritual movement the fulfillment of its priests and representatives so that the happiness of these Guides may shine on all the faithful?

If we look closely at the precepts of the Catholic Church, it is not surprising to see what fruits this tree with poisonous roots has produced: original sin, forced celibacy, condemnation of homosexuals, guilt of pleasure, and even more insidious, the separation of body and spirit. The spirit representing the high spheres of spirituality, while the body represents all that is defiled and sinful. How can one not become unbalanced with such codes and standards?

Maitreya Rael takes an enlightening look at the question: “At the root of violence, there are always sensually deprived individuals. Therefore, we must learn to enjoy all our senses and encourage those around us to discover their own sensuality. This must begin at childhood.”(3) Regarding this supposed separation between body and mind, he goes even further: “You shall awaken your child’s mind, but you shall also awaken his/her body, since the awakening of the body goes hand in hand with the awakening of the mind.”(4)

Prohibiting access to pleasure and all forms of sexuality can only lead the individual to frustration, imbalance… and pedophilia, especially for those priests who are prone to this tendency! For the Catholic Church to get out of this quagmire, it would need to give a serious push in a new direction and should perhaps listen to Boucar Diouf on this topic: “In addition to the fight against sexual aggressors, why not also allow priests to marry and assume their sexuality, whether they are homosexual, heterosexual or intersex? Some priests are secretly getting married in Africa and, personally, I find it totally normal.”(5)

What about God in all of this? But which God are we talking about? The God who blesses armies and bombs before combat, “God save America”, a single God with many heads, this God with blood stained hands, the God of inquisition and dismissive of scientific advances? Ask Giordano Bruno, burned alive in Rome in 1600 for heresy, but where is this merciful God full of humanity? Have you abandoned your sheep, O Supreme Being, you the canter of universal love who spits on homosexuals, who calls them degenerates, but what kind of God are you?

If God has failed, where can we find salvation? Maitreya Rael compares the Buddhist religion to the Raelian religion, both atheistic religions: “It is this kind of spirituality that is the religion of the future. A godless religion where man feels connected to the infinitely small, the infinitely large, and to infinity in time, or eternity.”(6)

The emancipation of the human being, as a spiritual entity aspiring to happiness, will only be possible for him by severing the chains maintained by the monotheistic religions, and finally finding his true place in the universe: a star among the stars!


Jean Riendeau
Columnist for the Raelian Movement


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