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Translation made by: Alizarin Violette

Martin is young, handsome, intelligent. He has a job that he has chosen, that he likes. He is the owner of his small house. Martin feels profound happiness when he plays in his flowerbeds. He loves the presence of his three cats. Martin knows how to cook good meals for himself. However, Martin no longer wants to go on living. Martin wants to die so that he no longer suffers physically and psychologically. He explains all this calmly to his mother. No, Martin is not depressed.

Fatima Gossa is a young woman, mother of a child. Fatima is paralyzed following a domestic assault, she is suffering. She can no longer take care of herself and her little girl. Fatima is asking to we her leave this life.

Martin’s mother and Fatima’s brother understood that their choice was irreversible. From different religious denominations (Catholic and Muslim), out of love and compassion, they would have liked to accompany them in their journey to access medical help to die. If Martin and Fatima chose not to live anymore, they could not access death in all serenity. They were denied this last wish.

“Every being has the right to life, the right to love and the right to die. Each being is master of his life and death. Death is nothing, but suffering is terrible, and everything must be done to suppress it. A being who suffers too much has the right to commit suicide. “Rael – The message given by the Extraterrestrials R P 263 (P176)


Lyliane Jolly
Chronicler for the Raelian Movement
Friend of Martin’s mother
*article August, on the Press of Philippe Teisceira-Lessard