In the 17th century, in Quebec, the foundations of a village began with the construction of a place of worship, a church. Faith was important.

Lyliane Jolly, Columnist

The community assembled and socialized around it.

Nowadays churches are empty, deserted by their believers.

How to explain the St. Jerome parishioners’ uproar at the announcement of the closure of half of the region’s churches?

Montreal-area Catholic diocese to let parishioners decide on church closures


– Does one need a specific place to practice one’s faith?

Isn’t keeping churches open just a nostalgic attachment to a bygone past?

Doesn’t feeling one’s faith multiply itself in the silence of nature, of one’s home, just as the gift of sharing becomes real in the streets?

– The Church and its mistakes

“The church was sinful in making human beings feel guilty and making them pray without seeking to understand. (…) How dare the Church burden people with their so called sins, which are only different concepts of morality and lifestyles; how dare they speak of goodness while living in opulence in the Vatican when people  are dying of hunger; how dare they seek invitations and honors while preaching humility; how dare they ask people to call them ‘father’?” Raël – Intelligent Design, p87

Just as one should not minimize and forget about the Vatican’s major paedophilia and finance scandals. (Ref: The scandal at the Vatican bank )

These paedophilia and financial scandals, which were exposed on all continents over the past 15 years, add to the faithful’s doubts about the role of the church in their lives.

It is understandable that worship is going extinct. People are questioning the principles of a hypocritical and corrupt church.

Paradoxically, in Moses 1:39 it is written that:

“The names and special roles of Jesus Christ are numerous, but each role denotes the will of ‘God’ * to guide humanity to return to dwell in His presence. His purpose and mission are ‘to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man’.” (Moses 1:39).

* Elohim in Hebrew means those who came from the sky

– Science : a new religion?

Immortality at your fingertips? Scientists discover promising enzyme

an enzyme whose interaction in the adult body would be able to make its cells immortal, writes the Nucleic Acids Research journal.

Scientists explored the structure of the key region of ‘immortality and aging’ enzyme

To believe is a thing of the past. Do not believe anymore but understand and use your brain. Use science. Rael – Contact 363

Science is a vehicle of peace, harmony and good health. Science must be used to serve and to liberate humans, not to destroy and alienate them. Science is a bond of love with the Elohim, as they created us in their image. Science is love when it is not used by the military. Rael – Words of the last of the Prophets, p34

The church allowed the Bible, witness of the truth, to be revealed throughout the world.

Now that we can understand that all life on earth was designed in laboratories, the churches are emptying because they no longer have a reason for existing.

Let us live with the words of Jesus, Rael’s brother:

“Love one another, as I have loved you.”  (Jn 13,34).

And moreover, with the words of Rael:

“To love one’s neighbor is good, to love those far and different is even better.”

Rael – The Maitreya, p18

Lyliane Jolly

Columnist for the Canadian Raelian Movement.