The Coming-out

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ARAMIS Canada would like to commemorate International Coming-out Day 
by supporting all those who have faced or will face this reality.

It is important to realize that the coming-out is not a one-time event, but multiple times.

As soon as the person realizes that he or she is attracted to a person of his or her own sex, a total questioning of his or her own self arises instantly. This is probably the most difficult one, if the image of him or herself is discordant with the values that have been inculcated in him or her.

The introspection continues with a judgment about one’s religion, an examination of conscience that can be very difficult for some.

This is followed by family and friends; often the unveiling is disturbing depending on the openness of those around them.

Then it’s the coming-out to society and work that repeats itself every time the environment changes. So it’s not a one-time thing. In addition to having to deal with their own emotions, they have to deal with the emotions of others.

One day soon, human beings will be considered for what they are and not by the label of a sexual identity.

« Homosexuality is as natural as a dog or a chicken is natural. What is not natural is to force others to have the same sexuality as oneself. » – Raël, Intelligent Design, p. 272 in PDF format, Raelism and Homosexuality.

Denise Desrochers
Graduate in sexology
National Coordinator of ARAMIS Canada


ARAMIS is the Raelian association of sexual minorities founded by the spiritual leader Rael in 2004. This campaign affirms that the sexual orientation of any individual is innate and not a life choice. ARAMIS defends the right of sexual minorities to live and develop sexually in complete freedom and with equal rights to all other human beings.