The International Raelian Movement Unveils “Rael, the Last Prophet: 50 Years of Spiritual Revolution”

February 5, 2024, Las Vegas – The International Raelian Movement (IRM) proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking series, “Rael, the Last Prophet: 50 Years of Spiritual Revolution.” The series premieres on February 7th on YouTube, inviting viewers to embark on a journey that revisits the origins and unfolds the future of the IRM. Audiences worldwide can access the premiere via (in English) and (in French).

Pierre Gary, President of the IRM, expressed his enthusiasm about the series, which follows the international convention in Okinawa last December, celebrating half a century since Rael’s momentous encounter with an extraterrestrial human being. This event saw over five hundred participants from approximately fifty countries pay tribute to Rael, the last Prophet on Earth.

The series promises to delve into the IRM’s origins, sparked by Rael’s encounter on December 13, 1973, with the Elohim’s leading representative. This civilization, advanced in genetic engineering, is credited with creating all life on Earth. The IRM’s mission is to unveil our extraterrestrial origins and advocate for a revolutionary spirituality, devoid of gods or evolution, aligning with the infinite universe’s principles.

“The religion of infinity,” Gary explained, “challenges traditional creationist and evolutionary theories, proposing instead that the universe’s infinite nature in time and space is central to understanding our existence. ” He underscored Rael’s teachings over the past five decades, emphasizing sensual meditation techniques to foster a deep connection with the universe and rediscover religion’s true meaning. (free download: )

The IRM aims to empower individuals to lead lives of happiness and fulfillment, free from societal constraints, and grounded in respect for all forms of life, thereby eliminating violence. This vision for humanity aligns with redistributing wealth and advancing science to enjoy life’s pleasures and cultivate qualities long repressed by a patriarchal society.

Spanning several episodes, the series will explore various aspects of the religion of infinity, culminating in the 50th anniversary of Rael’s second encounter with the Elohim on October 7, 2025.

The International Raelian Movement invites global audiences to witness this extraordinary exploration into the forthcoming spiritual revolution that promises to redefine our world and our cosmic identity.

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