November 20, 73AH has been an important date marking the International Children’s Day and it was the day chosen by Maitreya Rael to establish the International SexEd Day.

In Quebec, Canada, it was cold, but nevertheless many Raelians were on the streets to raise awareness about children’s rights to sexual education. Why? In order to offer our generous support to the UNESCO scientific study stating that it is of prime necessity for children, beginning at 5 years old, to receive a complete education on sexuality, including masturbation.

This stance is in line with the advice given by the Elohim to Rael on education (see: “The Keys”, from the book “The Extra-Terrestrials took me to their planet“, 1975).

In Montreal, we were about ten enthusiastic people in front of the offices of UNESCO. Chana Lemetayer, National Coordinator of the SexEd Day campaign, handed a letter to director of the UNESCO ISU, Dr Silvia Montoya, in support to the UNESCO report on comprehensive child sexual education, with the hope that the subject of masturbation will be appropriately restored in this report.

In addition, dozens of students were able to enjoy reading our leaflets on their way out to dinner; what a wonderful timing!

In Quebec City, it was just as cold, if not more, but there were 4 of us, brave enough to defy the weather and offer our flyers to the students walking out of the CEGEP.

Thank you all for your support to this wonderful cause. We will insure to be present every year so that this valuable report by experts from all over the world is not forgotten.