Where does life come from?
Where do we come from?
What are we?
Why are we here?
How will life get on?

Plunged in total scientific ignorance for centuries, the irrational Man took refuge in a God, creator of life. A persistent behavior even today.

Much later, Man became more rational and believed there was a better explanation. He came to attribute the development of our species to chance… by discovering strange iguanas and turtles in the Galapagos Islands.

Thus, with Darwin was born the Theory of Evolution (rather a dogma), trying to explain how life created itself… all on its own.

And the scientific community hurried to take for granted what Darwin himself had termed as a hypothesis.

A theory that is still referenced today: chance and necessity created life.
Nowadays, inexorably, science progresses in an exponential way.

So then appeared a cybernetic scientist named Joël de Rosnay, a great scientist and popularizer, the author of many bestsellers, who a few years ago published a book: “Et l’homme créa la vie.” (And man created life.”)  Publisher: Les Liens qui Libèrent (LLL)

From the stage of “God created life” to that of chance and necessity creating life, behold, Man is undoing these two myths; something to confront and demote these two explanations which are as irrational as they are confusing.

This book “And man created life” is a fascinating journey into the discovery of the hidden codes of nature, of this organizing force that governs our universe.

He invites us to a dizzying and exciting dive into the world of contemporary biology. Indeed, for the first time in history, Man can create and recreate life in the laboratory.
The stakes are enormous: to give birth to new organisms (like viruses), to implant chips in the brain and in our body to deactivate dangerous substances, to fight against aging (reactivation or modification of cells).

The consequences are astounding:  making robots that are more than life-like and, why not, immortal hybrid beings, realizing the hopes of transhumanists.

The author talks about the path to eternity, catching up with one of the great myths of our history. He also conveys the environmental point of view, with the manufacture of depolluting bacteria or yeasts, and the possibility of CO2 capture (material to confront the fanatical climate environmentalists!)

Specialists like Joël De Rosnay revealing that biology is undergoing a revolution such as it has never encountered in its history. We have reached the ultimate frontier; like a master constructer, Man can now create life from scratch beginning with inert matter.

This is a complete book on the state of science today in the fields of biology, medicine, and computing, which is far more fascinating than it is disturbing, projecting us into the heart of a new scientific reality.

It is a work on the most revolutionary science of these past fifty years. It changes our perception of how life was created!

Inevitably, the divine creationist and the evolutionary myths will disappear.

Thus, the author, without realizing it, only confirms what Rael and the Raelians around the world have been advocating for 45 years: scientists, called Elohim in writings such as the bible, have also been creating life in laboratories on earth, starting from inert matter. “Elohim created the heavens and the earth…” (The Bible, translated by Edouard Dhorme)

“We are this little dust, accumulated by the magic of the creation of the Elohim and at the same time it will go back to dust. So, every second is a celebration of being alive, before going back to dust and after having been dust. We are alive now and we can celebrate.”  (Rael – Contact 380)

Since Man is creating life on earth, he will sooner or later do so on other planets, throughout the galaxies, thus repeating what humans from another planet have done: creating life.

Isn’t this the most beautiful of all stories?

Jean-Claude Nader
Raelian Church Columnist