MONTREAL, April 2, 2010 – Every day, not for weeks but for years, we learn that priests and bishops have either committed these heinous acts and criminals, or have chosen to protect their colleagues by sending them to another parish, leaving them free to commit new crimes. The Raelian Movement of Canada encourages all victims of pedophilia committed by Catholic priests to no longer wait and file a complaint against them and against the Catholic Church.

This code of silence and this protection of criminals involves all level of power within the Catholic Church. Indeed, last week, The New York Time reported that the Pope himself turned a blind eye on sexual abuse committed by some priests. Benedict XVI has also been heavily criticized for refusing to sanction an American priest accused of sexual assault on 200 deaf children.

Instead of listening and protecting the victims, this Church abandoned them.

For several years, the Raelian Movement encourages and supports the victims of pedophiles to denounce the criminals via its website:

Furthermore, not only the Raelian Movement condemns pedophilia, but – contrary to the Catholic Church who hides and protects them – also denounces to the police the ones committing such assaults, even among its own members, as it has been done lately in Quebec in December (2009).

“Victims, do not keep silent any longer and denounce those who have betrayed you. You can count on our complete support” says Mr. Rivard, the President of the Canadian Raelian Movement.