MONTREAL, Oct. 29, 2012 – “It’s been more than 15 years since the ‘Truth and reconciliation commission of Canada’ was created to the reoccurring problems of physical and sexual abuse in christian schools, and still no concrete actions have been taken” declares Rodolf Samson, spokesman for the Raelian Movement of Canada with the First Nations.

“Numerous autochthonous and indigenous school children recall having been beaten for having used their native tongue and have lost contact with their parents and culture. This inheritance of abuse and isolation was mentioned by the First Nations’ leaders as being the first cause of the epidemic of alcoholism and narcotic use that devastates natives and their reservations.”

Following the report of the Commission on February 24th, 2012, Rael, spiritual leader of International Raelian Movement, expressed his surprise with the timid proposals that were made from this Commission.

“Excuses and money are not sufficient! The Canadian Government should finance schools and retrain all natives, to teach them their culture, their religion and their original language, by making these languages obligatory in schools, with English or French taught as second language and only taught much later. This system should include all schools, from nursery to primary schools and it should be taught only in “natives” language. By acting so, we would assist to something else than simple political talks, to instead and see real actions to restore and re-implant “natives religions” in these marvellous cultures.”

In parallel, Rael encouraged Raelians of Canada to get involved in a vast campaign to promote the apostasy from the Catholic religion “for these natives who were forced to submit to it, while revealing to them the truth that their colonized and abused forefathers cannot rest in peace as long as their grandchildren continue to be part of the religion of their torturers and colonizers.”

“Let us never forget that the native people were there before us!” recalled Rael, on October 12th while some part of America celebrated the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

“That is why, we are going to intensify our actions with the autochthonous and indigenous people to invite them to return to their traditional spiritual practices by taking away any traces of colonialism and particularly on the religious aspect since Christianity was instilled in them by force by their persecutors. ” Rodolf Samson explains. “Their ancestral religious practices are so much more pure and close to the teachings of our creators the Elohim. Christian culture, impregnated with violence has everything to learn from these ancestral cultures.”