LAS VEGAS, Nov. 24 — The International Raelian Movement (IRM) recently issued a statement expressing their outright opposition to mandatory vaccination as it is “clearly a breach on our individual freedom, and right to choose,” stated Brigitte Boisselier, PhD, spokesperson of the Raelian Movement.

To this end, Rael—spiritual leader and founder of the IRM—explained that he was not necessarily against vaccinations by their very nature as they can prove useful at certain times and in response to specific situations, but only after following the advice of one’s own doctor and always with the full informed consent of the recipient.

“The right to do whatever we choose with our own body is one of the many tenets of the Raelian philosophy,” added Boisselier.

In his 2003 book “Yes to Human Cloning”, Rael wrote, “It is the right of the people who want to enjoy the fruits of scientific progress to benefit from it. We, Raelians, believe that science should be our religion as science saves lives while religion and superstitions kill. It should, however, be the freedom of the people to decide if they want to benefit or not from any scientific advances.”

“This statement was issued at a time when the majority of people were rejecting human cloning as well as any human enhancement procedure as advocated by transhumanists and Raelians,” said Boisselier. “The will of the majority should never trump individual rights. This means that even if a majority of people requests that the Covid19 vaccine becomes compulsory, individual rights and free will should always be respected and protected in any situation and at all costs,” she added.

The spokesperson stated that recent examples of individual rights include the right to hug and the right to not wear a mask in public if one so chooses.

“No matter what, we should have the right to wear what we want, eat what we want, have consensual sexual relations with whomever we choose, receive or refuse any medication or medical care, choose to die, choose to risk our life, choose our religion, and the list goes on and on, which clearly illustrates the extent to which our society is willing to go in order to impose restrictions and limitations on our sacrosanct individual rights,” continued Boisselier.

It is worth noting that the Raelian Movement advocates individual rights, human rights, free will and freedom of expression, and Rael’s teachings often remind us of how vital it is to always fight for these rights,” concluded Boisselier.