June 24 marks the “International Swastika Rehabilitation Day. The International Raelian Movement and the ProSwastika Alliance wish to bring to light not only the philosophical and scientific dimensions of this symbol, but also, and above all, its extraterrestrial origin.

Martin Hétu, the spokesperson for the Raelian Movement, explains, “Although the swastika has marked humanity for millennia and is revered by billions of people on earth, few know of its true extraterrestrial origin.” He continues, “Originally, the swastika and the Star of David were a single symbol, the “Symbol of Infinity”, which is the emblem of the “Elohim”, an extraterrestrial civilization of highly advanced scientists and artists who came to Earth 25,000 years ago and created all forms of life. When they left Earth, the Elohim handed down this magnificent symbol of peace and harmony. Unfortunately, during a tragic episode in our history, the original meaning of the swastika was betrayed.”

According to Raelian religious writings, this symbol is engraved on the Elohim’s spaceships. The Star of David represents infinity in space; the swastika, infinity in time, and the infinite cycle of matter. Mr. Hétu adds, “The Symbol of Infinity alone explains the universe we live in and could not be fully understood before our time, due to a lack of science. In light of our current scientific knowledge, we can now understand that extraterrestrials came to Earth to create life. It’s only a step away, today, from understanding that we will soon be able to create life ourselves on another planet.”

The Elohim have been taking care of us for thousands of years; in addition to archaeological traces, all ancestral cultures describe people coming from the stars, as well as objects descending from the sky. What’s more, the number of sightings of the Elohim’s spacecraft is on the increase, so that people can question themselves, make connections and understand that they are preparing us for official contact. “The recognition of the swastika and the Symbol of Infinity as absolute symbols of peace is essential to the return of the Elohim to Earth,” concludes Mr. Hétu.

For the tenth consecutive year, on June 24, 2023, Raelians all over the world will celebrate the International Swastika Rehabilitation Day, inviting all nations to discover the original meaning of this wonderful symbol and to make the connection with UFO sightings all over the planet.