Whoever proposes to replace the current political systems with something like anarchism has completely lost his mind! “Don’t you think we are sufficiently drenched in anarchy, with the systems in place”, I hear you say in reaction to such an idea… Well precisely, we’re not “drenched” in it enough, and moreover not at all! Like many other ideas, the idea of anarchy is misunderstood, being associated with chaos and disorder, which it is absolutely not.

Jean Riendeau,Columnist

As the newspaper “Le Devoir” mentions on its website, in an article entitled “Anarchism: a thirst for absolute freedom” (in French), Canadian historian George Woodcock published in 1962 his book: “Anarchism: A history of libertarian ideas and movements”. It wasn’t until now that a French translation saw the light of day, thanks to Nicolas Calvé, who summarized the book in these terms: “Anarchism is a human impetus towards his liberation, his autonomy, the fulfillment of his potential and the desire to function on a basis of everyday mutual assistance”. This is far from the currently circulating preconceived idea of anarchy!

While, on a daily basis, we are witnessing imbalance of power and the domination imposed by the powers in place – Just take a look at what’s currently happening in France with the Yellow Vests – George Woodcock proposes the idea that anarchism “should rather be seen as that positive situation where domination is no longer necessary for maintaining order”. This vision comes substantially close to that of Maitreya Rael, who talks of a system called Paradism: “In the Paradist society, there is leadership, but no power… because nothing can be imposed by force. Everything is done voluntarily. Whenever there is an authority and power, there is friction and resistance. This makes people behave unaccountably and prevents them from functioning according to natural law. Disrupting the Natural Order creates more chaos.” World Without Government

But as one can imagine, Paradism cannot be established by simply blinking an eye, it will require the involvement of “all men of good will”: “Paradism is the essential key to the future of humanity. And it’s possible right now. If the world, the whole world revolts together at the same time, it can be done in a few weeks, not a few years, a few weeks!” (Rael – Contact 378)

But once we will have thrown out the current leaders and the systems that support them, what will be the next step? During his meeting with an alien in 1973, Rael received a message from him (www.rael.org) which since then he strives to make known to all of humanity. This message contains the keys that could help us create a world of peace and love. One part of the message focuses specifically on political issues, and the extraterrestrials suggest that we adopt a system comparable to the one they put in place: Geniocracy! “Geniocracy, yes, it’s good, to have a group of geniuses, intelligent people together, thinking about what kind of future humanity can have, and giving ideas and people accept it or not, but no power. Because power destroys freedom, creates violence, creates poverty, creates hunger.” Rael – Contact 374

So, what are we waiting for to start this revolution?

Jean Riendeau
Canadian Raelian Movement, Columnist