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During this so-called sanitary COVID crisis, examples of dubious decisions taken by our governments abound with consequences which are either tragic or the object of valid derision by the population. That a pair of gloves is on the list of “non-essential” while winter temperatures are plummeting, WOW, that takes the cake! Inspired by successive confinement and deconfinement our so called, “democratically elected” politicians seem to relish in determining what is and what is not essential for their subjects! And as such, art and culture are far down the list…

During an interview with France Culture(1), the filmmaker, author, comic strip illustrator and taromancian Alejandro Jodorowsky, takes an incisive look at the situation: “Politics is the biggest scam in the history of mankind, and now we’re moving on to health”. Already in the 1970s with his films “El Topo” and “The Sacred Mountain”, Jodorowsky was already seriously questioning our way of life and our consumerism society. “Everything in art has become a business. We must distinguish between the arts: for example, cinema is the most popular art. It is the most prostituted of cultural events. That is the reason it is called “the film industry”. An industry that serves to amuse us, to pass the time, to keep us at the same comfortable cultural level. »

True artists and creators, such as Jodorowsky, have always guarded themselves from trends and fashions of the time. They maintain their freedom and independent minds as to never confine their creativity and sacrifice it on the altar of money and profit. Art, according to Jodorowsky, must serve higher interests: “The purpose of art is the development of consciousness and freedom.(1) »

Now that our freedoms are seriously compromised because of a nasty virus, no wonder art is classified as “useless and non-essential”! Every crisis represents an excellent opportunity to question ourselves, to redefine our scale of values, to step back and build something new. And to separate what is absolutely essential from what is not: “Art is labeled useless, but it is absolutely essential and necessary. It is what is useless that can change the planet. Love is useless, but it is absolutely essential and useful. It is because of the superfluous that humanity has a future. Art, love, brotherhood, everything that are not in the stores or in the markets, everything that cannot be bought and sold is essential and useful. » (2)

These words of wisdom from Maitreya Rael are the antithesis of what is being conveyed by governments and the media at this time. When have we ever heard a politician talk about love, brotherhood, and art as basic needs? Can we build a world, a society on values other than profit and the bottom line? A free society that recognizes the intrinsic value of every human being. Yes, and this society is articulated around a revolutionary political project: Paradism! (3)

How can we move from a society of consumption and competition to a more egalitarian society where everyone will find their place and be able to express their full potential? Quite simple: when we put art, love, and brotherhood at the top of our list of priorities, we will be able to contemplate profound and lasting changes in our lives and for all our societies.



Jean Riendeau
Columnist for the Raelian Movement



(1) Alejandro Jodorowsky : “Maintenant que nous sommes menacés de mort, quelle merveille !”
(2) Raël – Contact 343