Thoughts on transhumanism

Reading time: 3 min.
Jean Renaud,
Columnist for the Raelian Church

A few days ago, a musician friend of mine had some rather sharp words for me: “Robotisation leads us inevitably and directly to transhumanism and there is absolutely nothing in that that is a step forward towards peace, happiness, and universal love,” he said to me. He remains convinced that all the scientists and philosophers of this trend of thought are to be put in the same basket, that they are accomplices of the deep state of which Michel Onfray speaks in his book L’État profond, Le vrai pouvoir à abattre (The deep state, the real power to be destroyed), Michel Onfray, Édition du plénitre.

The development of science and technological progress in all areas of society, whether it be the invention of electricity, the automobile or the washing machine, are unquestionably irreversible and inevitable phenomena in the process of a humanity that is evolving, with choices to be made between using them for the well-being of all or using them to benefit only a privileged few. With the hand, one can choose between caressing or hitting. With science, it’s the same, one can build or destroy. Thousands of robots could fight for the military with a twisted mind, as they can work in a factory and free the man from work so that he can blossom and not be a slave anymore.

Transhumanism has developed with several tendencies, several orientations that concern thousands of scientists and thinkers and it is illusory to imagine that they are all accomplices of our irresponsible leaders. Maybe they are indirectly by avoiding denouncing the powers that be until the day when they will wake up and stop being afraid of losing their salaries to unite among themselves. Art, for example, without science would not exist. It took an inventor to create a more sophisticated piano, someone who studied the different kinds of sound vibrations. Acoustics is defined as the science of sound. So we had to think about it. I’m not sure my friend would like to go back to an old gramophone to experiment with recordings that he can make on his high-performance computer. Yet this state of the art technology is a kind of miniature robot that can think for him and do all sorts of operations that make his life easier, thanks to artificial intelligence. Same thing for his car. Would he go back to horseback riding to do his shopping like our ancestors, or even worse, be forced to go hunting to survive?

“Instead of wanting to turn back the clock, we should continue on the road of scientific progress. It will eventually allow humanity to return back to nature, not to be dominated by it, but to enjoy it, and without the disadvantage of having to scrape out a living.” – Claude Vorilhon (Raël) Geniocracy p. 89 – PDF format

Transhumanism is defined as: An international cultural and intellectual movement promoting the use of science and technology to improve the human condition by increasing the physical and mental capabilities of human beings and to eliminate aging and death – Wikipedia. It is not the idea itself that is bad for progressing towards universal love, but the way in which it is used. Science has always been the passion of researchers who want to improve the human condition, but history is full of examples of degenerate military men who looked at the laboratories and quickly stole the discoveries to make new toys, new weapons. Einstein cried when he saw what had been done with his discoveries. He used to say: “Those who like to march in rows to music, it can only be by mistake that they have received a brain; a spinal cord would be more than enough for them.” I remain convinced that many geniuses in the world think like him and feel trapped in the system, but that it would be enough if they woke up and united among themselves. Robotisation and research to postpone ageing, or even to achieve immortality, are inevitable for a humanity that is arriving at a turning point in its development. Contemporary transhumanism is only a trend of thought of the intellectual elite that tries to conceptualize what will be our world of tomorrow. A world that could become like the one Maitreya Rael describes in his books.

The discovery of DNA, along with the development of space travel and computers, has allowed us entry to this new adventure world. These achievements, as predicted in the Bible dictated by the Elohim, will allow us to follow in their footsteps, reach the same level of science as them and ‘become as gods ourselves’. – Rael, Yes to human cloning p. 113 – PDF format

Let’s forget the word belief, because in the end, it calls for a logical and understandable deduction. Isn’t it touching, but above all reasonable and sensible to think that beings on another planet have experienced the same problems as us and have finally come out of them? They used science to create a heavenly world where robots do all the mind-numbing work. Their humanity was able to survive by progressing towards peace and universal love while keeping science and the advancement of technology at their service rather than being dominated by them. It is up to us to do the same.