Time to Build an Embassy for Extraterrestrials


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Whether we believe in aliens and UFOs or not, we must wonder where all the strange stories of green aliens and glowing silvery saucers come from. Human beings have been seeing strange things in the sky for millennia, mistaking meteorites for the wrath of the gods and weather balloons as flying saucers driven by extraterrestrial beings. One wonders, if E.T. have been visiting the Earth for all this time, how come we do not have definitive evidence of their presence yet? The famous Fermi Paradox describes the thought process any rational person should take in this situation: given the massive number of stars that could bear intelligent life in our galaxy, where are the aliens? Enrico Fermi, the physicist after which the paradox was named, proposed three different solutions to the problem:

  1. They are here and left evidence of some sort (or we are their descendants), and perhaps the aliens are keeping others away from Earth for some reason.
  2. They exist but have not yet communicated with us for various reasons that may be technological, distance-related, etc.
  3. They do not exist and therefore we live in a galaxy devoid of other intelligent beings.

Since the discovery of large amounts of water-carrying exoplanets, thinking they do not exist seems extremely unlikely.  Based on Drake Equation calculations, the odds against another civilization evolving on another planet in the Milky Way is about 1 chance out of 60 billion. Using the same equation, scientists estimate intelligent life must have evolved 10 billion other times over the last 13.77 billion years.

While we cannot know for sure if the multitude of extra-terrestrial civilizations out there can communicate with us or have a desire to do so, our history is rife with evidence of powerful beings “coming from the sky” and doing what seemed like magic to our primitive ancestors. These beings are ever present in our myths and legends. We read about them in our scriptures (see Book of Ezekiel) and in more recent historical accounts too. A UFO famously appeared leaving behind large amounts of “angel hair” filaments over the city of Florence in 1954. The event froze a soccer stadium full of people. Other stories recorded by soldiers, navy officers and commanders of all stripes have described flying discs defying gravity and physics, playing with the military jets sent to chase them. Given the likelihood of alien life in the galaxy, one can only assume more advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are indeed aware of us yet choose not to interact with us. Of course, less advanced civilizations are unable to communicate with us through the vastness of space, yet.

Since any alien civilization that can cross the vastness of space must be peaceful, why don’t they want to contact us? I submit that they have for thousands of years, and since they have traveled the distances between the stars, are significantly more advanced than we are. Maybe they were more advanced than we were thousands of years ago and what our ancestors saw in the stars were those alien crafts. Perhaps the people that “came from the sky” thousands of years ago were in fact extraterrestrials visiting Earth, but mistook for gods. Maybe those aliens are smaller than us too and can fly like angels (using flying backpacks).

Ever wonder why all over the world, in every culture, the stories of the creation of life always mention humanoid beings wielding magic? Perhaps they were humanoid extraterrestrials using technology equal or more advanced that our own.

Today, our scientific understanding allows us to create life in laboratories. The occupants of those ancient UFOs, they could do that too. So, what if we didn’t evolve on Earth. What if we were created by extraterrestrial scientists that have been guiding us, through prophets and sightings? What if they intentionally avoid contact until we are ready to meet with them peacefully and with open arms?

That is exactly what Maitreya Rael, a French journalist, wrote in his book “Intelligent Design: A Message from the Designers”. In this book, Rael describes his encounter with an extraterrestrial who told him how we were created and when. The occupant of the landed UFO also said why they have kept their distance and are waiting for us to be ready to meet them. According to Rael, they said it is a sign of respect for a more advanced civilization to let a more primitive one choose whether or not they want to interact with those who created them and all life around them.

In the book, the leader of the Elohim, a word that means “those who came from the sky” in ancient Hebrew, told the journalist that if Humanity wants to greet them, the governments of Earth should support the creation of an Embassy for extraterrestrials, and wish for their official return to Earth. It so happens, the Raelian Movement will be building an extra-terrestrial embassy in the next few years, according to the specifications given by humanity’s extraterrestrial fathers from space.

The most compelling and rational reason why we cannot detect alien civilizations in the cosmos is because they have the experience of dealing with more primitive civilization. Star Trek’s Prime Directive is a great example of the logic behind this behavior, even though it was written for a television show. It does however describe this type of non-interference with more primitive civilizations, even when well-intentioned. Sometimes, interacting with a primitive civilization can do more harm than good.

I wonder what Enrico Fermi would say if we built an Embassy and met the Elohim in fraternity, as equals. Also, if we assume advanced civilizations are seeding the universe with life and letting it advance on its own, except for the occasional nudge, the universe may be much more crowded than we think, and the Elohim may be much closer than we think.



Sylvain Rochon
for the Raelian Movement