Montreal, September 21, 2018— Our humanity is at a crucial turning point of its existence. International tensions and the risks of self-destruction by a global nuclear war are higher than ever1!

One solution is possible to save our humanity; meditate for peace. RAEL, spiritual guide of the International Raelian Movement and initiator of the campaign “Meditate One Minute for Peace” and “No More Armies” has been explaining for more than 40 years: “A hundred people meditating for peace in a city can reduce its crime rate. Therefore, if each person on Earth decides to contribute by offering one minute of meditation for peace and love (per day), we can change the entire planet!”

With this in mind, the leaders of “Meditate One Minute for Peace” and “No More Armies” invite their fellow citizens to join them to meditate for peace on Saturday, September 22, in several cities across Canada.

During these peaceful events, citizens will also be invited to sign a petition demanding the Canadian government to reactivate Bill C-272, for NON-COMPLICITY in Wars. This law would allow conscientious objection and the right of a taxpayer to request that his taxes not be used for military

1 Le monde diplomatique, W Frederick Mulley, « Quels seraient les effets d’une guerre nucléaire »

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