1 – You are now aware of Rael’s Messages to mankind;

2 – These Messages have finally given you an understanding, without mysticism, god or evolution, of the creation of life on Earth by scientifically advanced extraterrestrials;

3 – Have you considered, as recommended in the Messages, transmitting your cellular plan (TPC)* by an authorized Guide?

On our four major holidays (August 6, October 7, December 13 and April 1), we gather around the world to perform TCPs, the gesture of recognition of the Elohim as creators of our humanity.

If you wish, a member of our organization can get in touch with you and give you more details on the subject; don’t hesitate to write to us at  info@raelcanada.org.

You can also, on the day of the celebration, simply arrive around 1:30 p.m. at the reception desk where the ceremony will take place.

We also invite you to subscribe to our Canadian Newsletter, which will keep you informed of all our activities, as well as all the details of our four major celebrations.

We look forward to meeting you,

Rolland Gaudette, in charge of administrative matters for the Raelian Church


*Raelian baptism or transmission of the cellular plan

“It is asked of all those who recognize Maitreya Rael as the Messenger of our Creators, the Elohim, and the Last of the Prophets, to have their cellular plan transmission done by Him or by a Guide initiated by Him, so that the genetic code of each Raelian is preserved to allow a possible recreation on the planet of the Eternals…” (1)

The Raelian baptism has nothing mystical. In fact, thanks to quantum physics, it is demystified by science today in a way that allows us to understand. We now know that each human being has a unique genetic or cellular plan that vibrates at a distinct frequency due to its unique electro-magnetic spectrum.

“A Guide, whose own frequency has been recorded by the Elohim’s computer during his or her initiation, can act as a relay between the new Raelian and the computer located in the Elohim’s spaceship as it hovers high above the Earth at 3 p.m. This computer records the actions and thoughts of every human being on Earth. During the procedure, water is used for good conductivity between the new Raelian’s forehead and the Guide’s hand.” (2)

(1) Intelligent Design – page 236
(2) Intelligent Design – page 334