We Are Not Alone
Alien Materials Studied


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In the wake of rover Perseverance landing on Mars, whose mission is, in part, to detect signs of life on the red planet, many of us wonder if we are indeed alone in the universe. Scientists on the project are not looking for aliens walking around, but for signs of bacterial life, or perhaps signs of ancient plant life on the neighbouring planet. However, the mere concept of finding living organisms on an astral body other than Earth has fuelled much speculation about the existence of extraterrestrial life or materials on Earth.

There are plenty of theories surrounding the construction of ancient wonders like the Nazca Lines in Peru, the Egyptian pyramids and even Stonehenge in England being built by or with the help of extraterrestrials. There is no direct evidence of these being built by a more advanced civilization, though there is plenty of doubt whether human beings at the time of construction had the proper technology or ability to build such structures.

Interestingly, we need not look to other planets or ancient structures to find compelling evidence of extraterrestrial visitors. A recent release of information by the Pentagon, compelled by FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) applications, shows there is plenty of evidence once hidden in American military records that shows we have been visited, and still are, by objects of unknown origins that have flight capabilities surpassing ours. Not only that, but we now know that American military scientists, under the precursor to the newly formed Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, have been collecting and studying materials from such objects over decades, with many former members describing these as impossible to make using existing technology. In laypeople’s terms, military officers have been picking up and analysing materials from UFOs (the military call them UAPs for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) for years and sometimes deducting the materials were not made on Earth.

So, the cat’s out of the bag. Objects built with materials we cannot make, with flight characteristics we cannot achieve with our current technologies, have been toying with our military for years, causing no harm to anyone. The question now is not whether extraterrestrials exist, but what are they trying to achieve by sending these fascinating and apparently harmless drones?

Maitreya Rael defines the specific purpose in his book Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers, when he queries the extraterrestrial he met in France about this: “To monitor and watch over the development of humanity. Human beings on Earth are the future, we are the past.” Perhaps one day we will be wise enough, welcoming enough, and fearless enough to be the future these extrasolar beings expect us to become. As to the question “Are we alone?”, obviously, we are not.



Sylvain Rochon
Columnist for the Raelian Movement