As the person in charge of Canada’s SexEdDay campaign, I support the young men who have decided to wear the skirt in class. By this symbolic action, but O so strong, they demonstrate their desire for equality between girls and boys for a more fair and respectful society.

Indeed, it is with reason that they wonder why, in our societies, the way of getting dressed would have a sexual connotation at the point to criticize the length of the skirt and the depth of the cleavage?

Achieving a free and responsible sexuality implies that every citizen of this world can see short skirts and deep necklines in all zenitude, simply happy to see the beauty of the bodies without being disturbed by sexual impulses. This disturbance being the result of a flagrant lack of education in sexuality, as well as a poverty in terms of sexual and sensual awakening. Everyone should be able to dress according to one’s fantasy and one’s good pleasure without disturbing anyone.

A flourishing society can conditionally allow everything to be based on these two essential rules: respect for oneself and for others, and non-violence.

Today’s youth are shaping tomorrow’s society. The action of the wearing of the skirt is a clear indicator of a desire to take part in the disappearance of the normative and dusty principles resulting from the medieval religions.

This is why SexEdDay even suggests generalizing the wearing of the skirt whatever the gender of the individual, in the same way that the pants became unisex in the 1920s.

It is in fact to counter such social problems that the SexEdDay campaign is calling for the re-edition of the original UNESCO report on sexuality education which, in 2009, was shamefully censored.

 Thanks again to all these young revolutionaries.


Chana Lemetayer, National Coordinator of SexEd Day
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