What about morality?
Part 2

Reading time: 2 min.
Translation: Régine Paradis

No one in the world, no one in history has ever obtained their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who oppressed them.” – Assata Shakur

We are witnessing in these times a discourse that, no matter what it says “it’s for your own good”, is in fact attacking man – his rights and freedoms. How can such a discrepancy be morally possible on the part of the carriers of this message? How is it that they cling to it so stubbornly, even though the harmful effect of their discourse has been demonstrated? And how to preserve oneself from the harmful effect of this discourse and the actions which result from it? These are three questions that this two-part article will briefly attempt to answer.

Part 1 of this article succinctly answered the first two questions. Part 2 answers the third question.

And how to preserve oneself from the harmful effect of this discourse and the actions which result from it?

The carriers of the message, such as politicians and oligarchs, use seduction by basing their discourse on an ideal “it’s for your own good”, which is attractive to adhere to. Our faith in their commitment to take care of us makes us surrender our power to them. The illusion created helps to trap us.

What really traps us? Three elements:

1) their doublethink language which, in the same breath, presents two incoherent or contradictory statements, short-circuits our critical thinking;

2) their “paranoid” words confront us with our own unresolved fears such as the fear of dying, the fear of losing everything;

3) the mental confusion created by their language gives an exacerbated feeling of insecurity.

These three elements aim to put us in a position where our survival is threatened. Hence our consent to perform what is asked, exposing us to domination where blackmail and harassment are the objects of persuasion.

Understanding that the carriers of the message are not interested in the emancipation of the individual and of humanity, we are individually and collectively faced with a choice: self-destruction or resistance.

Self-destruction will be the consequence of our obedience through the execution of the imposed actions, even those that bring harmful consequences – physically, psychologically, spiritually – for us or for the other. The challenge for the individual is to be valued by the carrriers of the message by acting as required in order to be saved by them.

Resistance will be the consequence of our determination to live. This goes beyond survival. Survival refers to the basic need (food, shelter, health, etc.) combined with the need for security (job, health, resources) to meet our basic needs.

In order to live, in addition to these needs, there are those of belonging (family, friendship, social interaction), of esteem for oneself and for others (love, respect, recognition) and of self-realization (spirituality, creativity, accomplishment). In short, it is choosing to be happy for no reason by being your own spark plug.

What is important in life is 1- to be happy, 2- to be happy, 3- to be happy, 4…” – Rael 1

This is why it is important:

  1. to resolve our fears which are obstacles to the exercise of our freedom;
  2. to cultivate critical thinking by seeking accurate and reliable knowledge of events/situations, which will feed our ability to make free and informed decisions;  
  3. to protect our intimate life to ensure our freedom of mind, our free will;
  4. to maintain our spirituality: to connect to ourselves, to others, to the infinite;

Consciousness must be sculpted in both spirituality and political thought 2, because they are linked. Every spirituality necessarily has political implications. Telling people to think and to blossom is already extremely political because governments and powers tell us the opposite: “Don’t think, trust us”. They don’t want you to think because if you did you would realize how useless they are.” – Rael 3

  • to associate with groups promoting human rights.

… we need a spirituality that promotes Human Rights… They are the best protection for Humanity.“–Rael 4

To get rid of this totalitarian hold promoted by the carriers of the message, to consent that to the blooming of the humanity is primordial and this by expressing it by a revolution 5 so much on the individual plan that collective.

Rachel Bluteau,
Columnist for the Raelian Movement

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