When Art dances with Science
“Transgenic Art and Artificial Intelligence”


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translator: Alizarin

Recently arte.tv broadcasted a program dedicated to “Transgenic Art and Artificial Intelligence”. When I watched the program, I was seized by a variety of emotions, ranging from disbelief to wonder. *1

Can we say that art and science are opposing disciplines?

Already at the end of the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci explored the beauty of the world by integrating painting and science in his works. A great creator, curious about everything while excelling in various disciplines. His versatility allowed him to see the world differently. It is this kind of visionary spirit that is the basis of scientific revolutions.

Artists since then have developed an active approach in their creations. This is the case of Bill Fontana, who was able to integrate and amplify the micro-vibrations of the footsteps of passers-by and other urban noises of the Millennium Bridge over the Thames in London. *2

Better still, Giuseppe Penone in 2011 demonstrated that by hitting trees with a mallet, the vibrations that ran through the structure of the trees, transcribed into notes. Performed these notes reproduced a remnant of the landscape evoking images of the environment. *3

Some contemporary artists go even further by integrating the living into their creations. Thus, Maja Smrekar, Slovenian artist, imagines a clone of man and dog. These hybrid clones cryogenically frozen for eternity could really become new living species.

Charlotte Jarvis, for her part, transposes music stored in the form of DNA into soap bubbles. We understand that DNA can become storage for all of humanity’s information without alteration for millenniums (a biological eternal hard drive).

In a present shaken by social, technological, and climatic mutations, these works, between arts and sciences, expand our vision of the world and allow us to imagine a different future for our humanity.

What exactly could this future be? Often, the truth is more surprising than fiction.

In 1973, Rael spoke for the first time of an extraordinary message transmitted by a peaceful extraterrestrial civilization, much more advanced than we are today. This message explains how all life on earth is due to a scientific and artistic creation in laboratory by these extraterrestrials called Elohim (see rael.org). We can easily imagine that our biodiversity and our humanity, on our beautiful blue planet, made only by scientists, would have been quite plain and dull.

Computers are already capable of doing “almost” everything humans do… and even better.

In 2001, in his book “Yes to Human Cloning”, Rael explains the design of biological robots: “… beings resembling human beings, but which will not have what makes humans human, namely: consciousness, self-programmability and the ability to reproduce. ” P. 105

“Science must be used to serve and liberate man, not to destroy or alienate him. “Rael *4

“Science opens the way to happiness. It frees up time for us to live better, to enjoy life and to blossom. “Rael *5

We are on the way of creating all these fabulous technologies. To do this, we must, above all, develop Peace on our planet. *6

I want to imagine our world with wonder over and over.

Lyliane Jolly
Columnist for the Raelian Movement



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