Published on January 2, 2021

Most world leaders either deny the existence of UFO’s and extraterrestrials (or hint that they know something that they could not possibly reveal), while mainstream media increasingly present clear evidence of the UFO reality, but then encourage the audience to laugh at the ‘crazy person’ presenting this evidence, even if, until the moment of revelation, that person was a respected senior politician, scientist or bureaucrat. At the same time the entertainment industry routinely presents extraterrestrials as hostile: a threat to national security and our personal safety. Are these strategies of denial, ridicule and fear deliberate?

Why does the entertainment industry do this? There is actually nothing in the behaviour of our extraterrestrial visitors that suggests such a threat. Far from it! The genuine crop circles are intriguing and beautiful, but not threatening. The UFO’s transiting our skies are sometimes purposeful, sometimes playful, but never threatening.

But what about the view from the other side? Imagine coming from another planet to observe what is happening on earth right now. Wars, violence, famine, conflicts of all kinds, and enough nuclear weapons to destroy humanity dozens of times over!1   If you were them would you like to make contact with us? Whether or not humanity is ready to receive extraterrestrial visitors is a moot point when we clearly do not deserve that privilege, for now.

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If we were sensible, we would welcome extraterrestrials with open arms. With science, art and culture that is some twenty-five thousand years more advanced than ours, their coming could unite the nations and teach us how to fix our planet, but instead we vector armed fighter planes towards them: seeing in them the threat that we would pose if we had their technology; assuming that they will behave towards us as we have behaved towards each other throughout our history. Of course, they are not afraid of our relatively primitive technology, but our behaviour confirms that we are not yet ready to welcome them with the respect and love that they deserve.

There are many human cultures that treat travellers with great hospitality, but clearly our militaristic leaders cannot perceive the parallels. Obviously, the aliens are not invaders, if they were they would have invaded us a very long time ago. On the contrary, they are peaceful beings, filled with love and benevolence. We see this through actions they take to help us, such as deactivating nuclear missiles.2 In reality they want to contact us as peaceful ambassadors from their distant planet, but they need an agreed basis for such an interplanetary diplomatic mission: a protocol that allows them to arrive safely, be hosted in a specially provided embassy and then meet with world leaders. This is the reason why the IRM’s Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project has prepared a draft “Optional Protocol concerning Embassies for Extraterrestrials”. Inspired by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), this protocol paves the way for the nations of the world to unite in common purpose, and support the building of the Embassy for Extraterrestrials and the peaceful reception of ‘people’ from another planet.

Some government officials ask us how we know these extraterrestrials want to contact us officially. The answer is simple: throughout the history of mankind they have contacted us to give us messages suited to their time. We call these chosen humans “prophets” (etymologically “those who reveal”) and the millions who follow these prophets today are testimony to the strength of their messages. Unfortunately, these followers are organised into religions and the leaders of these religions focus on looking for the differences between the prophets (so as to justify their existence, wealth and power), instead of working together to teach us how to live lives of peace, love, and non-violence.

Thankfully, in our time, these extraterrestrials, called Elohim, gave this message to Raël, but now we are sufficiently advanced, scientifically, to properly understand the origins of life on earth and their wish to officially return to earth to reconnect with their Creation. We hope that 2021, 75 years after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, will be the year of significant advance towards this goal, but first we need to recognise that they are not the threat, we are!



Daniel Turcotte, Responsible for the Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project