Women of today and tomorrow, no future without them


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translator: Régine Paradis

There is only one day when women are recognized for their achievements, regardless of divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, artistic, scientific, economic, or political: International Women’s Day. A day celebrated on March 8 of each year around the world, when we take stock; or rather we try to do so.

At the same time, this recognition raises points that are illustrated here by some statistics from around the world:
• Women’s wages are 23% lower than men’s;
• Women held only 24% of parliamentary seats;
• One in three women experienced physical or sexual violence at some point in her live;
• Since its inception, the Nobel Prize has recognized only 57 women for 873 men.

Yes, in some countries women have been promoted. So be it. But it is only on the present that we can build the future… of women.
In this so-called “civilized” era we live in, why are these percentages not yet at least 50% for all women worldwide?
The many legal, cultural and religious barriers seem to be immutable. The situation is changing extremely slowly for women and girls around the world.

And yet…

You only have to observe women, to open your eyes to discover that their sensuality, their beauty charms us, makes us dream, us men. Their many qualities, their capacity to love, to give, to share, their deep understanding of the world force admiration. Whatever their skins color, their origins, their ages, they are the future and the light of humanity!

“Woman is the future of man,” the poet says. “He is surely right, because the world of violence that we now know is the result of a succession of almost exclusively male governments, and it is perhaps a sign from heaven that just when men are about to blow it all up that women are beginning to have the right to speak out. One could therefore translate the poet’s phrase as ‘Woman is the future of humanity’.” Rael – Geniocracy, p.109

Because they are handicapped by education, men must take example from women and learn to discover their femininity, refinement, and delicacy.

“Women are naturally driven to be feminine, delicate, refined, respectful of life, therefore have a superior sensitivity. The more intelligent, powerful, educated women are, the happier you will be, because the whole planet will be happier. You women do not let yourselves be colonized!” Raël :  Words of Maitreya, from A to Z, Feminity p.30 Women p.104

Just one single day to denounce all the injustices that are suffered by those who embellish the 365 days of the year.

Just one single day to name how many women were shot and wounded. How many women were harassed or raped.

One single day to celebrate those who can create balance and harmony in the world during the 365 days of the year.

Men, let’s pay tribute to her beauty, to her generosity, to her strength, to her courage to overcome any trial, to her resilience, to the mother in her who educates, who assures, who reassures.

Woman of all backgrounds and contrasts, of all sexual orientations, housewife, salaried woman, village woman, woman of all ages, woman of today, woman of power, fulfilled woman.

Woman, you are a thoughtful and intelligent flower, the most beautiful flower of Creation. Like a rose, you must be watered with care. It is up to us, men, to cherish you so that your freedom and your power of influence, expressed in your precious femininity, can finally be recognized!

Woman, you are the Future and humanity demands your crowning glory!


Jean-Claude Nader
Columnist for the Raelian Movement
February 17, 2021