Ever heard of the French song (Working… is too hard) by Zachary Richard. It’s a song written for workers. One could interpret it as doing a repetitive and boring task that is too hard! To drive the point home, its Latin origin may emphasize even more its meaning: “The word work comes from the Latin Tripalium, which was an instrument of torture made up of three stakes! “

It would be safe to say that the people who are passionate about their work are a minority. The current economic system forces the majority of us to seek what is called a “livelihood”. At the expense of our deepest aspirations, our innate talents, and often at the expense of our dreams of a fully satisfying life, we cannot realize our full potential of happiness and career.

If we make a quick assessment of the capitalist system as it is currently applied, the picture is rather bleak: pollution, social inequalities, destruction of the environment, extinction of multiple plant and animal species, the race for profit, the concentration of wealth in the hands of a minority, the alienation of populations with dramatic repercussions on physical and mental health, poverty, and so on. Can we adjust the trajectory of this blind and ruthless machine? Perhaps the question is more: can we not change this trajectory?

The answer is in the question! We are the unfortunate witnesses of it a little more each day; the current destruction of the planet can only result in our own destruction! To change yes! But will it be to set up another system that will, in turn, induce the same spiral of desolation?

We live in an era where science produces real miracles, medical and otherwise, and if the current system was built on the principles of a world that no longer exists or is in the process of disappearing, an old world based on competition and the law of the strongest, then we should promote a new world of cooperation, a world that will see human values, altruism and love prevail.

But how can we turn the “old world” upside down in favour of a new world? By going through a world revolution, and this is what Maitreya Rael unequivocally expresses: “Paradism is the essential key to the future of humanity. And it is possible now. If the whole world revolts at the same time, it can be done in a few weeks; not in a few years… just a few weeks! (1)

In other words, this revolution is here and now! But what exactly does this system called “Paradism” consist of? The best person to describe this system is the person who made it known, Maitreya Rael: “Everything a human being can do a robot can do better”. Under these conditions, instead of just working to earn money, humans can let robots do all the work for them and devote their lives to doing what they enjoy: creating, researching, studying, practicing an art, or meditating and devoting time to their personal development. Then the world will become an earthly paradise. That is why this system is called Paradism. » (2 – 3)

This revolution has already begun, people all over the world are waking up and taking to the streets, and with these few sparks a blaze of fire will ignite.  What is at stake is nothing less than our survival!

Change or perish!

The choice is ours!


Jean Riendeau
Columnist for the Raelian Movement


(1) Raël – Contact 378
(2) Raël – Contact 360
(3) www.paradism.org