april, 2020

sun05aprAll DayCancelledVancouver– Celebration of the creation of the first human being in laboratory(All Day: sunday) PDT

Event Details

First Sunday of April Celebration

On April 5th, it will be the commemoration of the scientific creation of the first human beings on Earth by the Elohim, who are a very advanced extraterrestrial civilization.

Thousands of years ago, in laboratories, they created us in their image thanks to their mastery of DNA. (see the book Intelligent Design). This majestic work of love is celebrated every year, as being the greatest scientific accomplishment on our planet.
Science is our ‘religion’ since the entire creation came from the result of their big scientific plan; this was not by chance and not made by an almighty god but just by loving beings, scientists, who wanted to repeat the cycle of creation, love and life.

The most important moment of the day will be the transmission ceremony. It will be an opportunity for those who wish to demonstrate or recognize publicly that they received the knowledge of the messages and that they recognize the Elohim as being our Creators. They will be able to transmit their cellular plan. This is the Raelian baptism and this happens only 4 times a year.

More details to come soon.


All Day (Sunday) PDT